Documentaries on worship, liturgy, etc

I heard a documentary on the King's College Nine Lessons and Carols on the World Service which I enjoyed.

Any documentaries or specials you've heard or seen you'd like to share?

Merry Christmas!


  • St. Paul's Cathedral documentary on preparing for Christmas was very commendably aired over the Christmas season.
  • There was also quite a good documentary on the year at King's, with particular reference to the Service of Lessons and Carols. However it annoyed me by basically saying that Eric Milner-White had invented it and making no reference to its origin at Truro.
  • There was another documentary series, 3 episodes, on Canterbury Cathedral shown over Christmas, and Howard Goodall on the history of Christmas Carols.
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    Thank you. I'll look them up / follow the links.
  • The Christmas Carol one is about 10 years old!
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    Is the Christmas Carol one the one with the academic saying that ‘O come all ye faithful’ is a Jacobite song? A theory that the presenter calls ‘audacious’, in the same manner as Sir Humphrey calling something a ‘bold decision’?

  • Probably - the BBC suggested a number of traditional Christmas programmes, including this one on carols, some of which I watched as I hadn't seen them the first time around. All but one were repeats. That carols documentary wasn't the oldest; the programme discussing the Dickens invention Christmas as we know it through A Christmas Carol was from 2007, a year older.
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    The Christmas Carol one is about 10 years old!
    Yes but lovely to see the late Rollo Woods bright, zestful and enthusiastic.
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