Query Oath of Canonical Obedience

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I'm in the process of researching for an essay on the oath of canonical obedience in the C of E. Apart from the dry bones of ecclesiastical law, what I'm really keen to find out is how this oath can be used both positively, and negatively.

What does the oath actually mean anyway, and are those who take it forever tied in to 'having to do what you are told?'. Where does conscience come in and can someone say no to a bishop?

If anyone has any links or wisdom on the subject I'd be really grateful.


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    Well, and not wanting to do your research for you, you really must start with the relevant ordinances, and from there look at any court decisions. Those steps will show past application of the laws, perhaps answering your conscience question. I'd be surprised if there were very decisions to read though.
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    Okay, I'm going to lower the boom on this. There's a rule that we don't do homework threads on the Ship. Gee D has given you a good suggestion and I suggest you take it up.

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  • Here’s a link that may help

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