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  • His rants are well beloved by many (whom I would likely deem to be "redknecks") and they paid to have hockey on their tvs. The number of people who are angry that he was made to leave far outweigh the people who are glad that there were consequences. I don't think many understand what the issue is at all. There's a certain privilege at work here.
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    Interesting that three out of the top ten Greatest Canadians were actually Scottish ... :wink:
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    I can't imagine how Mississauga must have changed, from his perspective, in the last 50 years or so. I would have hoped that Hazel McCallion, another parishioner at Trinity, Streetsville, might have tuned him up.
    Ah... another memory. In my commuting days Hazel was a well known traffic hazard in Mississauga, but she had a personalised licence plate, which was a useful warning to keep clear.

  • Oh! This is fun! Andrew Scheer resigned as Con leader in the Commons at noon today. The knives had been out since the election, but it was expected that he'd hang on for a bit. But he resigned, all for the good of the party, bark bark woof woof. Less than two hours later I hear that the Conservative coffers were paying the difference for Scheer's children to go to a school in Ottawa rather than back home in Saskatchewan. I'm sure that that would play well among the "back home". "I gave $50 to the Conservatives so Scheer's kids can go to Ashbury [or wherever]" would be the cue to grab your torches and pitchforks.

    So, so long, then, Andrew. We barely knew ye.
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    Can't say I'm shedding any tears.
  • It's not happy to have the strident conservatives in Sask emboldened to blame everything on Trudeau (always said wrongly btw). Particularly that they were young, barely finished highschool, went to Alberta or western Sask and drilled for heavy oil sludge, were paid $150k or more for almost 10 years, bought a $90k extended cab 4 wheel drive truck, went on tropical holidays twice per year, over mortgaged themselves on McMansion style badly constructed houses. And when the bottom fell out, as it always does, knew that the world owed them. That Trudeau owed them. Not willing to understand their own role in their lives.

    Meanwhile Jason Kenney goes hat in hand whining to Ottawa that he must maintain a low tax regime with no sales tax and that Canada must compensate them for saving nary a penny of the profit from the toxic pudding that's bitumen (oil sand extract, and it is really tarry and not at really sand).

    And even though the feds have bought an ill conceived pipeline to send that diluted sludge to China, it's never their fault.

    I live in a version of hell if ever I speak of the environment, immigration, the French language, taxation on pollution. A teacher in Alberta tried to teach both sides of the issues with a fossil fuel economy. The school had to call the RCMP, cancel a school event:

    I've teacher friends. They're all wary.
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