Worst dates

This is something we wondered if it would be worth setting up when we were discussing this earlier and @Sipech mentioned it in his post

It's so long since I've dated at all, but probably my worst date was the one when I went out for a drink with someone I knew through some local voluntary work we were doing, to be told, as he got drunker and drunker, that he had been the leader of the National Front in his past, and was still involved in far right politics. Some of the stories he told were not nice. I went home alone ... and checked to confirm that, yes, really, he had.


  • When I was a letter carrier I had a date with a woman who managed a bookshop along my route. Went to her house and she cooked me dinner. Then we got into a fine row about philosophy. I fear I was a right ass.
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    I don't think I had any really bad dates. But I once asked someone out to watch a film, I think it was something from Almodóvar. It turned out to have rather more sex scenes than I had thought. Maybe I should have checked this before.
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    My story was a lucky escape.

    I was living in Birmingham in 1973. The young man I was dating had asked me out to the Tavern in the Town pub (‘tho I remember it as more of a night club than a pub - we were underage but that didn’t stop anyone in the ‘70s)

    That day I decided he kissed like a wet fish and dumped him!

    That evening the pub was bombed. I was shocked by our lucky escape - I don’t know if he was grateful for the dumping as I never saw him again - but I bet he was!

  • @Boogie :-O

    I once had a blind date with someone who turned up with a catalogue of things-you-never-knew-you-needed and broke off conversation to take it out and read it. I walked out.
  • A friend asked me to go with him to a modern dance performance, saying he had been given tickets as he knew the roadies. He did not say he thought this was a date. It never occurred to me it might be! So it was a bit embarrassing when first he turned up with red roses, then took me to a swish place for a meal I didn't want or need, as not knowing this was on the agenda, I had already eaten. The seats for the performance were the best in the house, so probably not given as a freebie. (The dance was weird.) I think by the end of the evening he realised that his plans had backfired.....
  • Or there was the ex boyfriend who after a spell away returned to town and wanted to take me out for a "sorry I was a prat" dinner. First he stopped by the ATM which ate his card. Then the Japanese place he wanted to take me wouldn't take credit cards. I ended up paying.

    Both these were in Chicago!
  • Not exactly a date, but back when I was 17 or 18, I volunteered to play clarinet for some local youth cultural thing or other. I don't remember what thing it was, but there were 6-8 of us providing the music. At the end of one rehearsal, I was taken aside by the violinist, who proceeded to ask my opinion of her friend the flautist.

    In retrospect, it's rather obvious that we were having a "my friend fancies you" conversation. But I was a clueless teenager, with precisely zero experience of the social protocols surrounding teenage dating, so I had no clue what was going on. But my mother raised me to be polite, so I dutifully attempted to answer this girl's questions - except I didn't know what she was getting at, so asked her to define her terms. But apparently she needed to be all coy and mysterious, so we spent several minutes with both of us apparently speaking English, but not having a clue what was going on. And then I apologized for having another appointment and left.

    I wasn't looking for a relationship at the time, so nothing would have happened, but I still feel a bit bad about being so clueless.
  • Originally posted by Cathscats
    It never occurred to me it might be!

    I was set up for a blind date without realising that was what it was. I had just started my first post-Uni job, and had moved to a new town and joined a new church. One lady at church was very warm and welcoming and suggested that I meet her son for lunch. As he was an accountant and I was a trainee lawyer, I thought this was "net-working." I was going out with the North East Man at the time, and definitely not interested in dating anyone else! The whole thing was mortifying, though the son was very decent about it.
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    Very early on I went out with a girl who kept pet white mice. I was more interested in the mice than I was in her.

    It didn't work out.
  • It started well. My date was bright-eyed, considerate and busy with research in a fast-developing scientific field. We had met at the home of a jazz musician friend and both of us liked the same kinds of jazz. The Italian pasta in the restaurant was really good. Then he leaned forward and said, 'There's something you should probably know about me. Do you know anything about Beings from Elsewhere?'

    My heart sank. I'm fond enough of conspiracy theories and like a little weird in my reality but not as an Idée Fixe.

    He went on -- well, of course he did -- to describe his encounter with aliens who had arrived at the school where he was teaching and the series of visitations that had followed him around for a decade. I listened with immense interest and learned much about the ideas then current in Ufology. At the same time, the possibility of romantic connection faded away because I couldn't really see star-gazing for aliens as a core partnership activity.

    Some years afterwards, I chanced on a report of the UFO incident my date had described and realised he was not just making it up.
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    The one that sticks in my memory the most was based in Camden. Having "met" via a dating app, we later agreed to meet outside a cafe she knew. Being me, I got there early to make sure I knew exactly where it was. I then wandered off for half an hour, with the intent of being there 5 minutes before the meet time. 10 minutes later she texted to say she'd be early, so I turned around and headed back, standing outside as we'd agreed.

    5 mins went by, 10 mins went by. No sign of her. Turns out she'd gone inside, ordered herself some tea and cake for herself and was half way through them by the time she rang to check if I was coming. Bit rude I thought.

    Note that we had only arranged to meet up for a tea/coffee, but it turns out she had ideas to drag me around Camden shoe shopping. A couple of hours of this was only to be interrupted by a visit to a street food stand where we stood in a queue for some half an hour for something that really wasn't worth a half hour wait for.

    Having gone along with her tastes for most of the afternoon, I tried to involve in her in one of my passions, when I spotted a bookshop, but she just wasn't going to set foot in there.

    After an afternoon of being shown her passions, none of which I shared, and her flat refusal to countenance one of mine, we "lost" one another at the tube station. That loss was not entirely accidental on my part.
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