Flood control?

I was catching up with Ship-related correspondence through messaging, and was brought up short by a stern warning that I was trying to send messages too close together. I had to twiddle my thumbs for 60 seconds before I could send the second one. Why is this? (And, as a host, why does this apply to me?)


  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    I didn't think flood control applied to hosts? I have been caught the opposite way round by this. (It might have been on the old ship)
  • On the Old Ship™ flood control didn't apply to hosts. Here, I don't know. I can't find any settings for flood control here at all, but clearly there isn't an exemption for hosts. To be honest, I've not had to send a lot of messages at once, so it's possible even admins have to abide by the restrictions of flood control.
  • Thanks, Alan. It seems a bit silly.
  • One advantage of the new software is that if you need to send the same message to several people you can do so as a single post to multiple recipients. Which was one of the most common issues with flood control before.
  • peasepease Tech Admin
    It looks like flood control affects all non-admins - it's not an specific setting, but a side effect of some other permission.

    I've upped the PM limits (but 1 minute is the minimum duration).
  • Thanks, Pease. (Is it really necessary to have it for messages?)
  • peasepease Tech Admin
    There's no off switch...
  • Alas!
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