Gadgets For God pages, and reported sightings?

Hi. Did the Gadgets For God pages sail off on their own when we transferred here? And the Styx list for that sort of thing?

I haven't found either on this Ship, and I'm finding some good stuff!

Apologies if I missed them somewhere.

Meanwhile, a current sample:

"Jesus Is The Light" glow-in-the dark Easter eggs (Oriental Trading Company).

"The Resurrection Shaped Me" putty-filled eggs (Oriental Trading Company).



  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate, Hell Host
    Bad taste is timeless!
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    edited February 15
    The Resurrection Shaped Me product's description forms an 'interesting' link...
    Instead of candy, these eggs are filled with rainbow-colored putty that little ones can shape as Jesus' resurrection shaped so many people's lives.

    Thanks GK!
  • Easter. A great time for all sorts of egg-centricity.
  • (groan) (eyeroll)
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    edited October 13
    Perhaps an item for Gadgets for God? From the Independent:
    Jesus Shoes containing holy water selling for £3,000

    ETA: I suppose Gadgets for God has been rebranded 'Junk for Jehovah', is that correct?
  • I think it sort of died a death because it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between what was genuinely tacky & bad taste or deliberately ironic.
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