Relationship board winding down

balaambalaam Shipmate, 8th Day Host
The Relationship board here has already run out of steam with no posts in the last week other than poems in "Roses are red."

After discussion between the hosts and a representative of the Ship Admin it has been decided to close this board in one week's time, at midnight between Sunday 24 March and Monday 25th March GMT, or as soon after that that an Admin can do it.

Enjoy your last week, if you have been waiting to say something better get it in now.


balaam — on behalf of The 8th Day hosts.


  • Is the Roses are Red thread movable to perhaps Circus?
    Thanks for considering.
  • balaambalaam Shipmate, 8th Day Host
    That has been considered.
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate, 8th Day Host
    It has been agreed that the Roses are Red thread can move to the Circus by the Admins
  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate, 8th Day Host
    I think that (close the thread, move the roses) is a worthy compromise.
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