Blessing the beer

AndrasAndras Shipmate
A nice story on the Beeb website today of the CinW priest at Llangollen blessing the beer train.

I love the prayer! But is it as traditional as he seems to imply?


  • Dunno. But St Canna's Alehouse in Cardiff - 2 this weekend - is run by a Baptist minister (
  • On the Isle of Iona, there is still clearly visible the ancient Street of the Dead. The bodies of great people such as kings and clan chieftains were brought along it from the shore at Martyrs' Bay to the Abbey before burial in the Reilig Odhrain. But the street doesn't go to the Abbey door as you might expect: it goes straight to the brew house. First you drink some beer, then you bury the king. It's a matter of priorities - always has been, and the monks knew it better than anyone.
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    I think the monastic tradion of producing alcoholic beverages might indicate it is tradional.

    I say this having sampled some of our Buckfast Abbey Tonic Wine tonight. Mmmm.
  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    Belgian Trappists are still brewing very strong beer, said to be the reason behind the vow of silence.
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