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    plainsong resources in the public domain on CPDL aplenty (all for free), some with audio, all with modern notation or web links if you can't read original notation.
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    There are good suggestions here. Might I also suggest My Song is Love Unknown. The tune is lovely and gentle, and it's the one that always brings me to tears on Good Friday.
  • An excellent choice, though we use it as the Offertory Hymn on Palm Sunday - it's quite long, so plenty of time to prepare the altar, and swing the incense!
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    busylizzy wrote: »
    I’m new to this ship so please excuse me if this is an inappropriate request...

    I’ve been asked to sing a solo during communion on Good Friday <snip>

    I cannot believe there is a Mass on Good Friday. What diocese are you in?

    The permitted services in the RC church for Good Friday are:
    The Office of Readings (I suppose you could have Morning Prayer instead)
    Stations of the Cross
    Solemn Liturgy of the Passion (again, possible to have a devotional service of readings with either hymns/ choir music, all of which should be unaccompanied)

    There is never a Mass between the Mass of the Lord's Supper on Maundy Thursday evening and the Mass celebrated within the Vigil Service on the Saturday night. And by tradition there is no accompanied music from that time until the Gloria is sung at the Vigil service after the lighting of the Paschal Candle.

    [Edit ... OCD host fixing glitches]

    ^^^^That ^^^^ aside

    Please remember the Ten Commndments. The italicised [i.e. italics added] statements are not, to say the least, conducive to contructive conversation. Furthermore, though perhaps rhetorical, the first query invites partial outing.

    Further-furthermore, as it happens, I may have to consecrate on Good Friday, as I have been asked to cover a remote rural church 250 kms away which will have had no reservation (or service at all) the night before; sometimes rubrics, or in this case supposed rubrics, must be set aside in the interests of gospel-proclamation and pastoral care. I may be able to ask my bishop to consecrate additional elements at the cathedral, a nice symbolic link with mother church etc., but the roads are rough, my vehicle rougher, and I'd hate to spill blood en route ...

    Further-further-furthermore there is also a tradition in some circles that I have encountered that Good Friday is the day above all day on which the anamnesis has meaning ... I disagree, but many don't and it would pay to respect the traditions of others.

    So ... please ... no conmdemnatory and sweeping geralisations on this board ...

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    Horses for courses, as they say.

    There is, it is true, much divergence of practice and opinion just here in Ukland The Blessed™, let alone in other parts of Our Lord's Vineyard (which is truly world-wide).
  • Sorry Zappa. I was uncharitable and horrid - will endeavour to improve.
  • On a happier note, Father NewPriest (thinking that we sang a capella on Good Friday) is very pleased to learn that such is not the case, and that our organist will be present to play for the two hymns, and also, I think, for The Reproaches.

    I will Report Back in due course!
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