Early C19th communion silver.

This is a long shot.

Our church records state that in 1820, four silver communion cups "of improper shape and size" were re-made into two communion cups. The two new cups were of a plain design, like a glass tumbler, but in silver, about 6 inches high.

We are a "wee cuppie" church, but we use the two as the common cup if numbers are small or for the elders.

What would be regarded as an "improper shape and size" for a communion cup in early C19th Presbyterian Scotland?

I'm asking because I've found a record that the church was given two silver chalices in the early C17th, and I'm wondering if the C17th chalices were two of the four communion cups which were converted into our two current cups.


  • CathscatsCathscats Shipmate
    "Of improper shape" might just mean that they had got bashed about a bit. But it might not!
  • I am assuming the four were old and decrepit by 1820. But how old? I'd also assumed the previous four were a set of four, rather than two of one type and another two, but who knows?

    All I know for sure is that we had two silver chalices in the early/mid C17th and we don't have them now!
  • I would hazard a guess that a traditional chalice may be deemed an improper size and shape for a communion cup in a Presbyterian church.
  • Lamb ChoppedLamb Chopped Shipmate
    ... or simply that the size was "improper" for the number of people who usually communed (e.g. too big or too small).
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