Name change for gender reasons

PomonaPomona Shipmate
I know the FAQs for the new site say usernames cannot be changed, however I am currently transitioning (female to male) and find my current name to be uncomfortably feminine nowadays. I'm enjoying being back on the ship, but the femaleness of my username is really unpleasant and distressing to me now. I know it wasn't at the time; things have just changed. I now also have changed my name to reflect my gender via deed poll and it would be helpful if that could be reflected here also. I don't have a name picked out in case I cannot change it, but can I please ask the Hs & As to consider allowing Shippies to change their username if they are undergoing gender transition and wish their username to reflect them as they are now? If not, is it possible to delete the old profile and create a new one without being considered a sockpuppet?

I should also point out that at least here in the UK, trans people are expected to socially transition including changing social media and messageboard profiles way before we can access any kind of medical transition, so while a gender clinic consultant (when I finally get to see one) is unlikely to ask about the Ship specifically, being able to positively say 'I changed my profile there as part of social transition' is a helpful thing to be able to point to.


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    Please PM an Admin. (A real one.)
  • An Admin (a real one) has already been in touch.
  • RooKRooK Admin Emeritus
    Sounds like this issue is resolved, and I'm not sure we want to leave this open to commentary. So thanks to the Real Admin (probably Tubbs) and we'll close this thread.
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