Posting one's own literary efforts

LydaLyda Shipmate
Um. The thread you started in Heaven called "Fiction for Easter Saturday" might be problematic for you Colin Smith.

Colin Smith posedt some large-ish chunks of his current writing which I did find interesting but...

I don't know about policy on the New Ship, but on the Old Ship your words posted at least partially belong to the Ship. I don't know how this might affect a professional writer, although I doubt that Simon Jenkins (Captain of the Ship), also a published author, would want to put up road blocks to your work. And there may be no problem at all. I'm sure an admin could come along and clarify.

Maybe it's nothing and I'm just Confused. It happens.


  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Oooops! Sorry. I missed the other Styx thread on the subject.
  • Not to worry. Hosts are aware....meanwhile, back to worshipping God (ITTWACW)....
  • mousethiefmousethief Shipmate
    Easter Saturday is the Saturday AFTER Easter. Today is Holy Saturday.
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