Mornington Crescent - Return Ticket



  • kingsfoldkingsfold Shipmate
    Weymouth Quay. And I have been there. On a train.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Canary Wharf - Isn't this where we came in?
  • Green Park then walk to Berkeley Square
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    edited May 2021
    Berkeley Square?

    Are you absolutely sure?

    You realise that this opens the way to the Eldritch Horrors supplement?

    R'lyeh Interchange

    Tentacles ahoy!
  • hmm, Nautilus pier, L'Île mystérieuse. Tentacles electrocuted
  • Ryde (Pierhead) - temporarily closed for upgrade so you'll have to walk.
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    Nice try.

    Castle Ravenloft - Low Level

    Take the entrance on the Right, for the gods' sakes. Please. Staff hate cleaning up the mess from the Left entrance.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    H.P. Lovecraft. Isle of Wight. Massachusetts. Dungeons & Dragons.

    I think I see where we're going here and that would be Welwyn Garden City.

  • Minffordd then saunter south south west for about a mile. Let's see people escape that.
  • Well, you might manage it if you had a large safety pin (or similar sharp object) about your person.

    Princetown might be harder to leave.
  • Shepherd’s Bush Market.
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited May 2021
    Caledonian Road. (I don't think we've ever been there before!)
  • Speak for yourself - I definitely have - Northumberland Park if we're visiting places we've not found before.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    There's only two ways as far as I can see that I can avoid Dollis Hill again. Catford or New Cross Gate. I remember what happened to William Rawley (1942- 2011) at the 1987 tournament,* so I'm going to play it safe. Catford.

    *For anyone who doesn't know, Bill actually put himself in Nidd<PGE/X.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    I am reliably informed that Crossharbour is on the Isle of Dogs.
  • Chalk Farm.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Canary Wharf
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
    edited May 2021
    Cyprus - it's on the DLR and heading further away from Dollis Hill than Canary Wharf. (Good views of London Airport runway from there.)-
  • Turkey Street (on Overground).
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    South Porcupine
  • Cochrane and play one gold piece
  • Hendon Central.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
  • Old Cummer and invoke the GoON rule of 2001
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Maybe we need to head back to somewhere more familiar.

    Elephant and Castle
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    The Angel, Islington

    Oops - wrong game. Is the Angel Islington any relation of the Angel Gabriel? :confused:
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    I’m sure someone at Cluny-La Sorbonne could tell us.
  • Abbey Wood.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    Liverpool Street is the best I can do here - I'm not Alan Stevenford (1921 - 2005).
  • Eh?
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Not sure how we got here either, but seems like as good an excuse as any to head off to Birkenhead Park.
  • Roby Station to get to Bowring Park
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    The only Bowring Park* I know is in St. John's, Newfoundland, where there are still the remnants of a station, although it's just a museum now.

    * It has a pond, with a large number of very friendly ducks. David and I used to go and feed them after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, before going home and being horrified by how flat the Pope's choir sang at their Midnight Mass from the Vatican. :naughty:
  • St. John's. - the London one, that is.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    Which leads naturally to St. James’s Park.
  • Piglet wrote: »
    The only Bowring Park* I know is in St. John's, Newfoundland, where there are still the remnants of a station, although it's just a museum now.

    Also a small one in Liverpool established by a cousin of the Newfoundland Bowring.*

    * One of my ancestors is Benjamin Bowring who was the first Bowring to settle (at least temporarily) in Newfoundland so knowing about the parks is a bit of family history though I've been to neither
  • Park Royal.
  • Ravenscourt Park, the nearby park seems interesting
  • I used to serve a church directly across the road!
  • If we're playing parks, then Stonebridge Park - don't think there's anything green anywhere near - I never found anything when using that station. It is near the Ace Café.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    I think I need green in a park. Regent’s Park seems to fit the bill, despite the conspicuous absence of the District Line.
  • Elm Park, then? - although I don't know what it's greenery quotient is like.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Park Royal, where they make "London Guinness".
  • Not since 2005 I'm afraid. Royal Oak.
  • Finsbury Park which apparently needs some care (if wikipedia can be trusted).
  • It did when I lived nearby 30 years ago!
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    At the risk of getting myself a ZRN7, Luton Airport Parkway.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Heathrow Terminal 5
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    edited May 2021

    Great circles with any arc north of the Arctic Circle are in Spoon, so unless you've got a Royal Flush or better Beijing is an automatic stumping, in case anyone was thinking of the Noodle Gambit.

    40-15; your bully-off.
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