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    That's a frightful death-toll. <votive>

    We had 35° (42 with the Humidex) here yesterday; I can't imagine how I'd have coped without air-con.
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    Ahhh............the big thunderstorm last night has given us a gorgeous morning here - dry, cool, sunny, with a light breeze. Off to the yard sales with a certain dog and then for a big walk and breakfast. Now this is what we dream of all winter! :)
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    That sounds about right, Lily Pad. It was back down to 24° with no humidity to speak of here today, so we had a nice walk through the Botanical Gardens (really just a wood with a couple of flower beds).

    We're back to heat warnings for tomorrow and Monday though. :disappointed:
  • Egad, we've slipped down to page 2. Gotta do something about that.

    We had roasting hot weather over the long weekend (like the last long weekend, come to think of it) but we nevertheless managed to get out to see Royal Botanical Gardens (in Hamilton). Now we are getting some very welcome rain.
  • After frequent predictions of rain (ca. 40% probability), but not much happening for the last two weeks, it happened last night in Toronto. It started innocuously enough. I opened one of the patio doors so I could enjoy the rain air. Then it started in earnest. Depending where you were in Toronto, you got between 50mm (Pearson Airport) and 72mm(!) (the islands) of rain, in about two hours. Seventy-two mm is what would normally be received in all of August. I noticed when I took the garbage out this morning that it did nothing to get rid of the humidity.
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    After frequent predictions of rain (ca. 40% probability), but not much happening for the last two weeks, it happened last night in Toronto. It started innocuously enough. I opened one of the patio doors so I could enjoy the rain air. Then it started in earnest. Depending where you were in Toronto, you got between 50mm (Pearson Airport) and 72mm(!) (the islands) of rain, in about two hours. Seventy-two mm is what would normally be received in all of August. I noticed when I took the garbage out this morning that it did nothing to get rid of the humidity.

    I was in the movie theater while all was tanspiring, and so had not a single clue. I exited the Yorkdale shopping center underground parkade at 9:10 directly onto the Allen Rd North and immediately regretted it. I have driven in such firehose torrents before but never in the city, NEVER on the hot mess that is the 401 in central Toronto and never at night.

    I was praying for our lives. I have been in full whiteout conditions where visibility was better.

    I managed to pull off at Islington and go over to Dixon Rd. to pull into a Subway and wait it out.

    An hour later things had died down and we were back on he 401 in mostly damp but clear conditions, moving nicely at about 90kmh and what happens next? A CAR HAS STOPPED straddling the line between the center and outside lanes right under the basketweave and we are one of the first to come upon it and nearly plough right into it. The guy in front of us nearly clips the guy next to him in the outside lane, sending that driver almost into the outside guard rail, and we miss the idiot's left rear fender by millimeters because we have no space on either side.

    More strangeness ensued. It's 10:30pm on a Tuesday night, people. WITEF?? The 401 between the airport and Cambridge is an impassable wall of trucks, construction and stupidity. I'm about to move back into this area, what am I thinking?


  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    We had some fairly exciting weather here in Fredericton on Monday too - a really big thunderstorm, complete with torrential rain, wind, power cuts and lines brought down by falling trees.

    However, like PG's in Toronto, for all the effect it had on the humidity, it might not have happened. :(
  • Walked partway home from work -- still incredibly muggy.

    I was at a friend's place last night when the downpour started. He kindly lent me an industrial-strength raincoat and rain hat to get myself home.
  • Currently on the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border. Smoke thick enough to taste it. Tremendous thunderstorm 2 nights ago with tornado warnings.
  • CaissaCaissa Shipmate
    It's pouring leading to local flooding in SJ this morning.
  • This thread is SO Canadian. Weather and more weather.

    Someone asked my Dad why Canadians talk so much about the weather, and he replied "Because nobody gets more of it than we do."

    Maybe Russia might disagree, but it seems like we spend eight months of the year waiting for the snow and the rain and the wind and the cold to die down, and then spend the other four complaining about the heat and humidity. Or the rain because we need the sun, but just on the weekend if you please because the crops need the rain, and it would be just great if it rained on Wednesday instead of Saturday.

    It's the thing that makes us most Canadian. I have trouble describing what it means to be Canadian but I think I can finally put my finger on it: to be decent and to complain about the weather.


  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I reckon you've hit it on the head, AFF - we do get rather a lot of weather!

    What we're getting at the moment is horizontal rain - warm, horizontal rain. :astonished:
  • We got rain and heavy rain and more rain all day yesterday. Nice vertical rain though and the crops really need it. There was a good deal of flooding in some local stores as the infrastructure was not up to so much rain all at once. We stayed inside for most of the day. It felt like being stormstayed in the winter. I had a couple of activities planned but there was no way that I could have gone without being drenched and I wasn't up for that. At least it was cooler than it has been. I'm hoping that this high humidity will break and get us back to a more normal summer.
  • CaissaCaissa Shipmate
    Despite the torrential rain in SJ yesterday, we closed the sale of our spare house.
  • Ahem. Surely you can thank your Scottish origins for the meteorological obsession. After all, no-one gets more weather than the British, especially the Scottish.
  • Dreadful news from Fredericton NB. Hoping and praying that the toll stays low, and slightly selfishly that piglet and Mr P check in OK.
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    I send piglet a message on Facebook but haven't heard back. I have a friend who lives around the corner from the shooting. Here is the CBC link
  • CaissaCaissa Shipmate
    CBC is reporting that two of the casualties are police officers.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
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    Piglet checking in!

    Sorry to be so late, but it's been a busy day for quite unrelated reasons (Cathedral concert at lunchtime, meeting with my potential new bosses in the afternoon and associated correspondence).

    At least it's a mark of how rare such things are here that I've been getting messages from friends over the Pond asking if we're all right.

    Prayers ascending for all involved, and for the souls of those who died.
  • In the Okanogan, Kamloops, Castlegar, Fraser Valley - basically all of southern BC until the coast, smoke levels on Environment Canada's 1-10 scale are 10+. I've seen some current photos and found a web stream Kelowna. We had moderate in Sask the past week, with all of it coming from Alberta and BC.
  • The smoke in the air in BC is horrible at the moment. I don't have breathing problems normally but my throat is perpetually scratchy at the moment. I worry for the people I know who have asthma or other breathing issues. It is also very disconcerting to not be able to see more than a couple of kms. It's been like this for about 5 days now - but we've heard that it might clear by the weekend. I hope so.
  • Maxime Bernier! WTF? Starting your own (far) right party? I'm not a Conservative (see my posts) but apparently torpedoing Scheer is more important to him than defeating the Liberals. Talk about the pride of a sore loser. He deserves to be consigned to the dark regions of politics for assuring the defeat of his erstwhile party. The Liberals must be quietly gleeful. I really wonder what is rattling around Bernier's brainpan.
  • The newspaper said he wants to be a Lucien Bouchard. Would he translate himself into a provincial politician? Does the reactionary stuff sell well these days in Québec?
  • It seems truly bizarre. That said, he never struck me as someone who had any judgment...
  • I can never think of Bernier without thinking of this.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    It seems to me that small, one-hit-wonder parties like that achieve very little except split the vote and leave a way clear for whatever the nearest opposition party is.

    In the UK, in the mid-90s, a rich businessman formed the Referendum Party, to push for a referendum on leaving the EU. They won no seats at Westminster, and really all they did was split the Conservative vote.

    A notable example of that was D's home town of Colchester (about 50 miles north of London), which had been Tory since Methuselah was young, but was won by the Liberal Democrats, because the Referendum Party split the Tory vote.
  • Isn't Colchester about 50 miles east of London? Just asking.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    North-east. My geography's a bit rubbish. :mrgreen:
  • Doesn't 50 miles east of London put you in the North Sea, just off of Southend?
  • 52 miles or 83 km north east or east north east of London, depending on what bit of London, as the crow flies. I just think east because the trains are all from Liverpool Street and Stratford, which serve easterly counties: Essex, Suffolk and some of Norfolk. Colchester is slightly south of east from.Chelmsford on the A12 which is the east bound route.
  • North of London is Lake Huron, if we're talking Canada. :wink:
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    It is indeed, but on this particular occasion we weren't.

    My fault for introducing tangents ... :blush:
  • Fall weather is here. Near to frost last night, about 2°C. Highs have been 8-12°C. Looking forward to wading into the lake to get the dock out this coming Labour Day weekend....
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    It was 29° and feeling like 37 here today and not due to go much below 20° overnight - it's been so hot for so long that I'm rather looking forward to autumn, and hoping it'll last for a decent length of time
  • Yes we are still in sauna land here. The temperatures themselves are reasonably seasonal, but (at the risk of falling into cliche) the humidity is not pleasant.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    We've actually got a forecast for tomorrow of 23° with no Humidex!

    Yipee! :smiley:
  • Yay! It was downright cool in Toronto today (I celebrated by walking most of the way to work, using the scenic route), though we are assured this will not last into the weekend.

    Though if this long weekend is just a bit less intense than the last two long weekends, I will be happy.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
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    Enjoy the cool change! Hope the heat does not rise too high.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    It was glorious here today: 22° and hardly any humidity. We were at the house of a couple of friends for lunch, and it was just perfect sitting in their (rather lovely) garden.

    They're forecasting 30° and rain for the bank holiday though - ugh!
  • I am moving this weekend and it's just been bearable the past 2 days. I am not looking forward to hucking boxes into and out of the uhaul in 30 degrees but - whatever.

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Crikey, AFF - good luck with that (and health to enjoy your new house)! :)
  • Now it is downright chilly...
  • And it's only September...
  • It's supposed to warm up again after the tail end of tropical storm Gordon passes through. Though hopefully not as warm as previously.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Indeed - I think we're supposed to go back up to the high 20s at the end of the week. And I'm just beginning to enjoy the cooler weather ... :flushed:
  • 24C forecast for here today, before going back to the high teens. An early taste of spring weather, but winter still has a bite in the morning.

    Stay cool and hydrated!
  • Climacus wrote: »
    But at least they'll serve you a free hot breakfast.

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    And if you follow one of the directions you could be at Château Piglet in time for afternoon tea ... :smiley:
  • Thanks Piglet. Lost about 2kg in water weight over the Labour Day weekend. ZOMG. First the organizing sorting and throwing away in order to make the load fit the trailer.

    So. Rent, hitch, tow, unhitch, load, hitch, tow, unhitch, unload, hitch, tow, drop off. It was the only feasible way to make the car and my stuff arrive in the same trip.

    Then there's the unpacking and finding places for all the stuff of my deceased parents I thought I couldn't live without. And more throwing away.

    I didn't even have furniture. Just four twin mattresses and box springs.

    We're here and covered up with Ikea assembly manuals and various parts.

    I just turned 57 and I feel like I am twenty. This is more stuff than I have owned in over a decade. I am sitting in a chair that I actually own, that I didn't borrow or rent with an apartment.

    Now to get the mattresses off the floor onto a proper bed frame I will feel like I belong in the middle class again.


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