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  • Sorry for the initial confusion, Piglet. Yep, fireworks it was, but mostly of the sort that cause humongous explosions, and without much or any visual impact. I think people were stockpiling fireworks all year, and couldn't use them during any of the summer events, due to the extreme drought. Oh well, it's over for another year, I guess.

    But how I envy The Intrepid Mrs S and her owls! And maybe Boogie's dogs can give us snooze workshops?

    Now I'm going to put up my new Countryfile-Children In Need calendar! Lovely pics as always for a whole year! :)
  • Saw the new year in with friends watching the London fireworks (v impressive) on the tv (probably the best viewpoint) but didn’t really hear bangs through the coughing of everyone else. I know I should feel sorry for them, but had I known I wouldn’t have gone - now I dread getting what they had because it usually becomes bronchitis which I can do without. My new year resolution is to have an uneventful one.
  • Happy New Year, and wishes for peaceful, prosperous years to all Shippies. I too would like a peaceful New Year.

    Both suffering from the lurgy here, both with chest infections, we'd gone to bed and were reading; I knew there was no point trying to go to sleep as midnight always tends to noisy. I ended up leaning out of the bathroom window to take pictures of fireworks because if you can't beat them, join them. A few shots worked. It did at that point feel as if we were surrounded by parties setting off fireworks in all directions. We were spared the church bell peal at midnight with added explosions which sees in Christmas.
  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host, 8th Day Host
    Happy New Year to all! :smile:
  • I stayed up until midnight, as I usually do, and there were numerous Susplosions, and strange Lights in the Sky, for a while.....

    Once I realised that Mr. Putin had not (yet) invaded Ukland, I retired to the Episcopal-Ark berth.

    Happy New Year to all!
  • bassobasso Shipmate
    Happy New Year to all!
    I did not stay up for midnight. There may have been bangs but I didn't hear them. Closest was a housemate setting off every smoke alarm in the house with an ill-advised cooking experiment. That was at about 7:30 but late enough that I was already asleep.
    Smoke alarms have gotten much louder since I last set one off. They also yell "FIRE". I'd rather not know that, but now I do.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    The smoke-alarm chez Piglet is rather more sensitive than I'd like: I set it off the other day while toasting* some sesame seeds, and it whined until D. had turned it off. Just as well he was here: I'd have needed to faff about with a chair to stand on ... :blush:

    * oh, all right - burning :mrgreen:

  • Happy new year everyone! I saw the year in with daughter CB , Granddaughter and Grandson, the latter struggling to keep awake, aided by winning our game of Family Trivial Pursuit. Son in law was in pain in bed but he managed to join us to see the London fireworks on TV.
    Husband has spent the day thinking it’s Saturday due to the football.
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    We had a nice New Year's Eve doing the family version of MasterChef. My son's main was a success, husband's starter and my desert less so, but still a fun way to spend a few hours. We then had the obligatory game of ping pong using our dining table before watching the fireworks on TV. The fact that they were supposed to be pro-Europe passed me by.
    Son has gone home today, so apart from a walk to get some bread we've had a lazy day. Husband is now making soup with some of the bits not used in yesterday's meal.
  • We stayed up to toast the New Year - Darllenwr with a glass of Crofts Spanish custard and me with a shot of a very blackcurranty blackcurrant vodka bought at a craft Fayre in Hereford.
    We have a bit of a tradition of going to the cinema on New Year's Day. This afternoon, we went to see Mary Poppins Returns, which was great fun, and followed it up with a pleasant meal in Frankie and Bennys.
  • We watched the fireworks on the TV, after playing a few games of mafia (eldest got a board game version with app for a Christmas which he’s played at the church games afternoon).
    3 of us have lurgy now. I’ve removed the Switch console and mobile phone from the youngest as he was becoming obnoxious and shouty. We are all now watching Poirot. Gammon for tea, late because everyone got up late today and we ate lunch midafternoon.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    We saw the new year in with friends who don't have a TV so had to make a bit of a guess at the exact timing of the chimes and, sadly, missed the fireworks. :disappointed:

    As usual, knowing that I couldn't go to bed till after midnight made me desperate to retire at 8.30, but I made it through the evening ok and maybe next New Year will be the one when I curl up on the sofa in my pyjamas at 7.30. I never really enjoy the evening.

    We took the decorations down this afternoon and I'm back to work tomorrow. But I work part time at the beginning of the week, so then that's me done with work till Monday. :smile:

  • We watched the Hogmanay celebrations from Scotland on TV, accompanied by not by a "wee dram" but champagne; then, this morning, we watched the New Year Concert from Vienna, this time with Tokaji Aszu!
  • When we first lived near Southampton, a quarter of a century ago (eeek!) we used to open the front door at midnight, to hear the ships in dock, some miles away, blowing their foghorns to welcome the new year. Latterly all we got was industrial-strength fireworks, which were no substitute at all :angry:

    Owls are much to be preferred :smile:

    Mrs. S. not a fan of New Year's Eve
  • My wife used to spend her New Years at a Christian conference centre on the Clyde, where midnight was equally welcomed with ships' hooters.
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    As there's now a shiny new British thread for 2019, this one will be closed; see you all over on Cool Britannia!

    Piglet, AS host
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