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Board Intro

Write or Wrong is a place to discuss all aspects of writing. It includes hobby writing, finding agents and publishing. We welcome poetry and even song writing (lyrics, not music). So if you write, want to write, try to write, or write and get it wrong, join us and see what others can do to help.

Posting Guidelines

All aspects of the writing process are open for discussion.

We are open to discussions about full-length fantasy series with 10 books of 150K words each, to short-form writing, flash fiction, poetry, song lyrics. Please clarify, where appropriate, what form you are looking at, as the advice is different for each.

Hobbyist writing is welcome, as well as published writers, or hopefuls. If you write for enjoyment or money, ask your questions or help others. Don't be shy - if you have an interest, your view is welcome.

If you want to post excerpts of your writing, you are free to do so, and request comments and thoughts, but please bear in mind that the ship cannot guarantee copyright if you do so. At the same time, pleas don't pinch other shipmates work. If they inspire you, then discuss with them.

Please conduct discussions with respect - as per the rest of the ship. We all want to learn form your experience, but other people have ther experience, and theirs is as valid. Sometimes, you are not the target audience, so, while your thoughts are valid, they may not be followed.

The writer is king. Take ideas and thoughts, listen to what others have to say. But remember that it is your work, your writing, and you are the best judge.

Most of all - everyone who writes, who lets that part of their creativity out, and is prepared to discuss with others - you are all awesome. Thank you.


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    Before anyone kicks off on anything specific, might I recommend to all active or aspiring writers Philip Pullman's Daemon Voices, a collection of essays on the art and mechanics of writing. His views on religion, and on Blake and Milton are also included at times, but the focus is on Writing.

    I could enlarge on the contents, but that would spoil it! A review from Unbound covers some of it, but there are many reviews.

    (Hosts - is this permitted within the guidelines above?)
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    @passer - Recommendations are OK, but I think they should be in a separate Recomendations thread - could you start that and copy your post there? I think this thread needs locking, so I will do that.
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