Liturgical colours

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  • In heraldic terms, white and silver are essentially the same thing, so perhaps in liturgical color terms the same can apply.

    I wouldn’t call the chasuble in question tacky. I’ve seen plenty of vestments deserving of the designation “tacky”; this one wouldn’t come anywhere near making the list, as far as I’m concerned. Unusual, yes; but not really tacky.

    And is this the point at which to point out that, unlike the Catholic Church, the Episcopal Church has, as best I recall, no rules regarding liturgical colors, nor official list of liturgical colors at all?

    But tastes, of course, vary. And what do I know, anyway? I’m Presbyterian.

  • I would agree with @Nick Tamen on the non-tackiness of the chasuble & mitre. This one was sufficiently well-executed that I would easily keep it out of the tacky category (although I cleave to a smaller, more mediaeval, mitre).

    There is an infrequent (usually found in Lutheran or Scandinavian circles) practice of pictorial textile art on vestments and, as well, multi-coloured brocade has been long used in chasubles for multi-season use. Given the absence of firm rules, the colouring could fit within a celebratory category.

  • How did we end up with two "Liturgical Colours" threads in Ecclesiastics, with both split from: An Announcement: New Bishop for Diocese of Vermont? (Other one here.)

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    "System" is to blame. I suggest that comments be directed to the other thread, as it is the more substantial one.
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