How to write Greek and Hebrew script

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(Originally posted by Moo on the old site)


To write a Greek letter, first type &, then the name of the letter, then ;. Do not leave any spaces between these three elements.

Here are examples, with spaces left between so you can see how it looks.

& alpha ;
& beta ;

For capital letters, write the first letter of the name in capital letters.

& Alpha ;
& Beta ;

For final sigma write sigmaf

& sigmaf ;


If you want to post in Hebrew, a table of HTML codes can be found on Wikipedia

They are not very user friendly, but you can cut and paste from the table into a message. It seems that you can insert the letters in 'English' order left to right and they are then rendered right to left. Each Hebrew character is represented by a group which begins with an ampersand (&) and ends with a semicolon

So & #64299;& #1500;& #1501; gives שׂלם
(I've inserted spaces between & and # in each case to stop the codes being rendered into Hebrew)

If you want to practice writing Greek or Hebrew, use the practice thread in the Styx.
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