Anyone read Catherine Pickstock's book After Writing: On the Liturgical Consummation of Philosophy?

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Someone told me about Radical Orthodoxy in general and Catherine Pickstock's book on truth-via-liturgy in particular. It's ideas sound very interesting. However, I'm not trained in philosophy and what I've read about Pickstock's book, including excepts, tells me that it's a hard slog.

Anyone read it? Worth battling through it?

Also: are there any more layman-friendly treatments of the topic?


  • ECraigRECraigR Shipmate
    Excellent book. I think it was very worth battling through, but I’ve an interest in the subjects covered and a background in philosophy. It assumes a familiarity with Plato and Derrida but could probably be profitably read without such.
  • StreonshalhStreonshalh Shipmate Posts: 8
    Thanks. I coming to accept I'm going to need to brush up on philosophy and read this. Surprising there isn't something more accessible on the same topic, but by all accounts this is worth it.
  • EnochEnoch Shipmate
    Never heard of it, but anything with a title like that it must be impressive. Does it beat the word count for Church Dogmatics?
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    Underneath the nigh impenetrable firebrand prose style that used to be typical of far left radicals, there is something rather young fogeyish about Radical Orthodoxy's insistence that the answer is Christianity and anything else is heresy or idolatry.

    I was rather keen on it when I was a young fogey myself; these days the young does not apply so much and I'm less impressed.
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    I doubt if many have. The price for a start.

    Wrapping up concepts in academic prose is, to me, just a vain attempt to sound profound. And I'm afraid there's too much of that in what I've read of Radical Orthodoxy. And that despite the fact I have a lot of symphathy with there view.

    Or it may be that they are just poor communicators.

    I did get through "Radical Orthodoxy: A Critical Introduction" by Stephen Shakespeare, and could understand that.
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    Belated thanks @Anteater — am going to check out the Stephen Shakespeare intro.
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