I meant to start a new Everlasting thread based on Raptor Eye's last post on the old forum thread...


  • Read all about it! The new ship has been launched!
  • Cheddar goes adequately well the the inaugural champagne!
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Agnes can't imbibe because she gave up alcohol for Lent.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Enterprising as she is, the new Ship set sail in Lent, but won't this starve her sailors?
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    [aside] I forgot - are we allowed to use commas, like I just did? Apologies, if not. [/aside]
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Ail or suffer in any way and I will cure you with my amazing and mystical cure-all.

    [aside] yes you are, but apology accepted anyway [/aside]
  • sloth357sloth357 Shipmate
    Real life is often over-rated.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Err at editing your posts and embarrassment may ensue.
  • sloth357sloth357 Shipmate
    Suet pudding is just the thing in snowy weather.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    We, at her suggestion, indulged in suet pudding until we were all well insulated with blubber.
  • Wesley JWesley J Shipmate
    Beryllium may well be a health hazard to cetaceans.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Ace answer, Wesley!
  • Ley lines lie low, so some say.
  • So mesa yields ley lines on higher ground, or is that not so?
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Sometimes :)
  • So me time seems selfish, does it?
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Fish, doe, setter or guinea pig; whatever pet you choose, choose carefully.
  • Full yak tummies indicate a healthy tundra.
  • zogwargzogwarg Shipmate
    Drastic measures will be required, If we ever are to reach the Moon.
  • Mo, on the other hand, decided to reach for a peach.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    A pea charged into a bar and demanded a glass of J2O and a pack of pork scratchings.

    (I'd tell you the rest of the joke but this game demands only one sentence at a time ;) )
  • Each fora, peachable discussion and people are to be found on the New Ship.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Hip posters avoid cross posting at all costs and rarely eat pork scratchings.
  • Scratch in GS terms usually means a scrabbled together attempt at a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.

    (Sorry Smudgie, didn't notice I'd cross posted.)
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    "Er, Etta, don't blow bubbles in your drink, please", said Nellie the Elephant to her daughter, as the animals on the ship sat eating and drinking in the ship's plush new restaurant, "You're lowering the tone of the place".
  • One: oft he places the crew below deck;
    Two: he sounds the warning to attack
  • UrfshyneUrfshyne Shipmate
    Acknowledge that I am back - or face the consequences
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Sequence so muddled, her editor almost gave up on the story.
  • Pont? he's to ryke the Pont d'Avignon on his wee jaunt.
  • His weeja (untutored rendering of ouija) board indicated that Pont’s days were numbered.
  • Be reduced to tears when you read some of these entries.
  • Tries are something to do with rugby.
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    By which, does he mean union, five aside, or league?
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    A guess: five aside.
  • I've, as ideal, played full side games.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    I'd e-game sooner than play Scrabble against an opponent using a real life board and letters.
  • Ar, dandle T tersely to irritate your opponent
  • UrfshyneUrfshyne Shipmate
    On entering I would advise you yo bow the knee
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    Needy and clingy, that's not the fellow for me
  • He fell, "Ow!", formed an interesting shape on landing and screamed for an ambulance.
  • Certainly I was surprised to see this old game continuing onto the new ship - after all these years!
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    "Ye Arsenal supporters, find yourselves a worthier team to favour," uttered the medieval football hooligan.
  • Ganders can become frisky in the spring.
  • In great demand, so don't have much time for this amusing diversion.
  • Musing divers, I, on the dock, watch mating great crested grebes.
  • jrwjrw Shipmate
    "Ted Grebe", said the birds with a groan, as Ted entered the aviary and immediately made himself at home, "That's all we b***** well need".
  • We'll need something more than that if we are to keep going.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    EEP! Go in, Gerald, and don't hang around or you'll be eaten by a grizzly bear!
  • Be articulate if you want to make a good impression.
  • "Dim!" Pres. Sion Williams heard the audience roar, as he attempted to turn down the auditorium lighting and spotlight the stage.
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