Mafia Lifeboat

We haven't had Mafia on the old ship for a while. Shall we start a new game for the new ship?
If I remember correctly we need at least twelve people.

The Pirate Ship The Motley Jester has been sunk by mafia saboteurs. The bad news is you were all aboard. The good news is that you've all climbed onto a lifeboat with plentiful supplies of food and grog (GIN). The bad news is that two or more of you are mafia saboteurs. The good news is that two of you are the ship's surgeon and ship's soothsayer. The bad news is that the lifeboat has a ukelele on it.


  • Now that would start us on this new voyage well!
  • I'm in!
  • sloth357sloth357 Shipmate
    Me too.
  • FelafoolFelafool Shipmate
    I can play the ukulele
  • I can sing or at least flap my gums in pretence of singing
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Felafool, Noprophet_N0profit, are you planning to join in? Please make clear.

    Boarding will close at 10pm GST on 7 March. If we get ten people we'll go ahead.
    If anyone does not know the rules and wishes to take part or just to know what these mad people are talking about, please say.
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    Yes, please captain, may I come aboard?
    And yes, please say the rules. I played once in one of these but it's quite a while ago.
  • FelafoolFelafool Shipmate
    I would like to know what you are talking about before I start to play the ukulele :smile:
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    The rules:
    1) Two or more players (depending on numbers of players) chosen at random by the referee (me) will take on the role of the Mafia in secret from all the other players but not each other.
    There are two teams: the Mafia and the innocents.
    2) The game is divided into days (turns).
    3) Every morning all surviving players will openly debate among themselves whom to lynch. After I've decided everyone has had a chance to stick their oar in, there will be a vote, and anyone who receives half or more of all votes will be lynched (out of the game). Their identity (whether innocent or Mafia and whether they have a special role - see later) will then be made public.(*)
    4) Night will fall. During night the Mafia will conspire among themselves whom to murder. That person will then be out of the game.
    Usually I will aim to have morning and night happen over the course of a week in real life.
    5) The aim of each side is put all the members of the other team out of the game. In practice, the Mafia win if they are a majority of the surviving players.
    6) Complications: two players on the Innocent team chosen at random are secretly the doctor (ship's surgeon) and detective (ship's soothsayer). Each night the doctor picks one person to protect: if that person is murdered by the Mafia the doctor saves their life. Each night the detective picks one person to investigate: I will inform the detective whether that person is innocent or a member of the Mafia.
    In the event of there being enough players, I may add one or two other roles: probably a Veteran (the Veteran takes one of the Mafia with them if they're murdered).
    (*) In the event of two players each receiving exactly half the votes the previous night's victim (should there be one) will get a casting vote. For this reason, dead people will not be told what is going on until the next night.

    I hope that's clearer than mud.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    The Old Ship had a tradition of players making up a character and trying to play in character. There is no particular need to observe this if nobody wishes to.
  • FelafoolFelafool Shipmate
    Sounds great fun. Unfortunately I don't visit the ship regularly every week, so for that reason "I'm out"
  • Am I too late?
    Wet clothes and no food to eat, but at least I was above water and not below it. Ship gone and and here I am with a small crew to guide me to God knows where.....wait a second....I'm not meant to be here. I should be on a paradise island with semi-clad natives feasting on coconut and mango. It seems my life has been switched with my captains. Hopefully this is just a nightmare from which I will awake.
  • I'm interested. I've only played once before and and was useless. So you may not want me.
  • Cats are never useless. IMHO. Mice to catch art least.

    Note to self: refrain from squeaking.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    I'm interested. I've only played once before and and was useless. So you may not want me.
    There is no such thing as useless in Mafia. It's a journey over destination kind of game.

    We need four more people I think for it to be worth doing. As I said, I'll wait until night time on the 7th March. Does anyone know how to contact Eliab or La Vie en Rouge or anyone else who used to play on the old ship?
  • I pm'd la vie en rouge on the new ship, but am not sure if she's seen it - partly as a way of trying out the pm function.
  • OK, previous players (2014 game - because it was in Limbo) who have come across using the same names or something I know are:
    @Imaginary Friend
    And this will act as notifications to this thread.
  • I'll play.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    That's seven players. I'm going to leave it open for another twenty-four hours. It's low on numbers. Do people want to try going ahead regardless?
  • it's definitely a "the more the merrier" kind of game. I'd prefer to have more people playing.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
  • GwaiGwai Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    Note that notifications only work if someone notices there is a little flag there. I just saw mine today because I was looking for someone else. I'll join in.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    That's eight people.
    I think Wet Kipper's right: if we have fewer than ten people there's not enough time for proper skulduggery, paranoia, and backstabbing. Last chance.
  • AristonAriston Shipmate
    Much as I usually enjoy playing, stupid Lahskool is eating up any "spare time" I once had. A shame to sit out the first game of Shiny Newship,™ but how it goes, I suppose.
  • I'm trying to think of a different game we can play, with fewer people, and then maybe once Shipmates are all aboard and comfortable in our berths, we can try again
  • Hello

    Sorry, there are momentous goings on in the rouge family at the minute. I don't think I can commit this time (even though mafia is my favourite game).
  • I’m happy to jump in on mafia if that helps.
  • AmyAmy Shipmate
    I could be persuaded. What’s the expected posts-per-day?
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    You will need to vote once a week: I expect voting will open Thursday night and close Friday night after twenty four hours. If you end up with a secret role you'll need to send me a private message during the weekend (and read any reply).
    That's the minimum. The rest of the players will probably welcome some opinions expressed during the week; total silence often gets treated as suspicious. (Also in my experience voters feel better about eliminating people who aren't taking part as much.) But the pace is set to be compatible with having a life.
  • I’m totally on board for this. I’ve played a few games of mafia in my time. It’s possibly a bit unnerving that it’s mainly associated with church youth groups. I think I recall the Mormon comedians studioC doing a particularly disturbing (but amusing) sketch about this game.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    We have ten players so we're good to go. I propose we leave boarding open until Sunday morning. I will allocate roles on Sunday when opportunity arises. If people want to invent characters it is not obligatory but you are welcome to do so.

    The Motley Jester is sinking. There are screams. breaking timber, fires, and cries for GIN. Due to austerity-mandated ever-ongoing implementation of efficiency and best value, there is only one lifeboat. Will all of you who've managed to get aboard please introduce themselves and answer the roll?
  • AmyAmy Shipmate
    Go on then. I'll play.
  • ChelleyChelley Shipmate
    Dafyd wrote: »
    The Motley Jester is sinking. There are screams. breaking timber, fires, and cries for GIN. Due to austerity-mandated ever-ongoing implementation of efficiency and best value, there is only one lifeboat. Will all of you who've managed to get aboard please introduce themselves and answer the roll?

    Squawk! Pieces of eight!
    Chellington the extremely intelligent Ship’s parrot sits fluffing her feathers on the edge of the lifeboat. But whether or not she is a sinister, murderous parrot remains to be seen!
  • Sunburned, frazzle haired Kookoosint looked up at the sky and screamed "I can't see any stars". "However will we navigate? my sextant has sunk with the ship!" Kookoosint mutters about hell and perdition, eyes the gin and sharpens his wits while pretending to sleep.
  • Phereniki has been calm and quiet on the voyage so far; noted only for her early morning yoga routines on the deck. She frowns at the limited opportunities for sun salutations on the potentially paltry lifeboat.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Woof woof, Rover swims up to the side of the boat “am I too late to join the game”

  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Welcome to the game. There's still time to join. Boarding will close on Sunday once I get around to allocating roles, which will probably happen Sunday afternoon after lunch. (i.e. about twenty four hours from now.)
    At the moment I believe we have eleven players:
    Wet Kipper
    Fletcher Christian
    Curiosity killed
    Lamb Chopped
    not entirely me
  • Miss du Chat stumbled into the lifeboat fluttering her scarves and eyelashes at those who helped her on board, her hands encumbered by a bundle she clutched tightly to her chest. The squeaks and growls emanating from her bosom attracted the attention of the dog and parrot. Miss du Chat fluted her concerns that the poor Ship's Cat she had rescued wouldn't be at all happy sharing such as small boat with all these nasty animals.

    The cat was more interested in leaping away from Miss du Chat and investigating the lifeboat further, scratching Miss du Chat's clutching arms as he did so. Miss du Chat wailed that he was an ungrateful kitty, she had left her belongings behind to rescue him and much he cared. Miss du Chat wept over her shredded arms and rued the first aid kit she'd left on board the sinking ship.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Boarding is now over. The lifeboat has set sail. Everyone else has gone down with the old Ship. Or else they've taken refuge on a different lifeboat, possibly one not plagued with mafiosi. Long live the new Ship.
    I am now allocating roles.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Roles have now been allocated (at random by drawing cards). Please check your inbox.

    After an exhausting evening escaping onto the lifeboat, the twelve of you all fell asleep. You've woken up to the warm sunlight and the sweet sound of seagulls mewing (there's no accounting for taste). But what is this? One of your number, Dai Furst, has been foully murdered. With his last breath he has written in blood on the deck: 'There are two of them.'

    The eleven of you that are left can only escape following him to his untimely fate by identifying the mafia among you and lynching them.
    You have until Thursday morning to discuss among yourselves people to nominate for lynching. You will be able to vote for No lynching when the time comes if you think there is insufficient evidence to warrant such a course of action.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Woof woof yum!

    Rover sniffs the bloody words and begins to lick them up ...
  • sloth357sloth357 Shipmate
    Sloth didn't generally say much. Waste of effort, really. Especially now - after all, the poor chap was quite obviously dead, so it wasn't as if anyone could do anything about it. Still, one thing did slowly cross his mind...
    "Who was the first one awake this morning?" he asked. "Who found him?"
  • AmyAmy Shipmate
    The Honourable Amy Alton yawns and opens her eyes. So, she made it onto the boat then. The sinking itself was a blur, crowds of people struggling, lots of shouting. Luckily, her status as a First Class passenger seemed to count for something last night. What use is Daddy having money if it can't buy you a longer life than the plebs in steerage?

    Of course, there are no servants to provide a morning cup of tea. And there are hard wooden planks under her. This is going to take some getting used to.

    What's that the other passengers are hollering about? A murder? Is this the sort of thing that peasants typically wake up to? No, wait, everyone is up in arms about it, so it must be somewhat unusual.

    Amy decides to keep her nose clean and her ear to the ground. Maybe she can pick up some information that might help make sense of things.
  • Boogie wrote: »
    Woof woof yum!

    Rover sniffs the bloody words and begins to lick them up ...

    I feel a little queazy.
  • Miss du Chat looks suspiciously at the dog. "What a revolting animal," she thinks, with a mental shudder. As she overcomes her instinctive disgust, she starts wondering whether this is really natural thoughtless behaviour of a dog seeing food, or whether Rover might want to destroy evidence. "Did anyone see what was written there?" she asked.
  • A well dressed, but dishevelled looking Gentleman introduces himself

    "Good day everyone. Jonathon Fffffortyscue-Fyfffye. I hope you don't consider it bad form for a chap like me to have been first in the lifeboat (apart from that parrot) only I had been separated from my chums after a particularly "well catered" (shall we say) party and ended up in this very dinghy to sleep it off rather than going back to my cabin. I gather our beloved vessel is now sunk - So glad I did't bed down on a deckchair instead.
    I was so very, very drunk I missed all the commotion. A murder, you say ? Does anyone recognise the fellow?"
  • "Oh woe!" shrieks Lambie. "He was my dearest friend--the only one who truly saw the genius in Bill Shatner's singing! And how he admired my writing!" she weeps, clutching a waterstained ms. to her ample chest, and pushing her disheveled red wig a bit straighter on her head. "However shall I find a publisher without him? I must write an elegy for him, yes, right now..." and Lambie turns away to scribble.
  • AmyAmy Shipmate
    The Honourable Miss Alton looks Lambie up and down. She seems a very loud person. No gentility at all. Perhaps all this commotion is designed to distract from her part in the proceedings?

    But then, don't they always say, watch out for the quiet ones? A most puzzling dilemma, to be sure.

    Amy watches the proceedings with academic interest. She did not know the deceased, and finds no particular horror in death, although of course she must keep the latter fact hidden behind the facade of twittering shock as is expected from a young woman in her position.

    Nor does Amy worry that she may be in any danger. Murder seems so lower middle class. It really does not happen to people like her.
  • "Well!" huffs Lambie. Such a look from Miss Alton. She obviously hasn't turned a hair over Dai's death (sob). So ... coldhearted, for such a very young woman. Could it be she had a hand in it?

    Lambie scoots further away.
  • Phereniki calmly assumes the lotus position and the ship’s cat curls up sleepily in her lap. She glances cautiously at Amy, Lambie and Ms Du Chat and was under the impression they would not have chosen the same lifeboat if there had been a choice.
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