Trumpton - the rant thread



  • Yes, we shall have to think up some fresh Opprobrious Epithets...
  • TheOrganistTheOrganist Shipmate
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    Of course, if DT had had the benefit of a proper Nanny (preferably Scots) he'd have either behaved better or been sent to bed with no supper.
  • :lol:

    He certainly would NOT have got away with throwing his toys out of his pram...

    BTW, I see that the Mad God-King (Deposed) has gone to ground in Mar-a-Lago, but will he be allowed to stay there indefinitely? The neighbours will not be pleased when his toxic proximity starts to kill off the flora and fauna.
  • I'm going to close this thread, because I can. This doesn't preclude opening another if the Orange Fuhrer does something else odious, but for now, let his name be forgotten.

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