Bald Eagle nest in PA to watch

A very beautiful pair of eagles are shortly to become parents. The egg shell showed pipping yesterday. There was a second egg laid, but it was evidently a dud. Sad, but that's Nature for you.

Warning: watching the Mom and Dad and baby is heavily time-consuming.
Enjoy !


  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    I love seeing the eagle cams, Pearlie!

    Our Harriet laid two eggs in December (I think it was then); one egg was a dud and the other hatched. He was doing just fine, but one of his meals had ingested rat poison, so the poor eaglet died.

    Miracle of miracles, Harriet laid two more eggs, so we are watching to see if they will hatch!
  • Here's hoping they do hatch, and survive. I love to watch the baby/s being fed, so daintily. You just don't think Big Daddy & Mamma's sharp-claw'd feet can step around the little ones so precisely. And the downside of the whole thing is how mean and hateful the first-born treats the younger chicks. Again, Nature wants a strong one to survive.

    Is your nest on line?
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    It is! Here's the link:
    SW FL eagle cam.
  • sabinesabine Shipmate
    Wonderful! I signed in this morning and heard all the other birds doing their morning chorus.
  • How salutary it is to think that, whilst we poor Humming Beans are trying to deal with a Horrid Plague, Gaia just gets on with what She normally does...

    Beautiful birds - long may they flourish!
  • The eagle experts- real ones, not Trumpians - seem to agree that the second egg will not hatch. Cause unknown. That "pip" we saw could well have been an injury to the shell from outside, not inside the egg. Very sad.
  • jedijudyjedijudy Heaven Host
    That's so sad. :(
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