Language learning threads during isolation?

It seems many people are going to be learning new languages during isolation. I wonder if there could be threads where it is allowed to have exchanges in (only) another language for that purpose? They would maybe fit in Heaven or All Saints...?

I realise this would depend on having hosts who could read the languages - or temporary additional volunteers from amongst regulars. Given the number of French residents and Canadians on board, French might be possible as an experiment / first go.

I am not suggesting that the general rule of providing translations elsewhere should change.

What do TPTB think about the suggestion of language learning threads?


  • EutychusEutychus Shipmate
    We had a go at dedicated non-English language threads a while back, and ran into several problems.

    One was the diversity of levels, which quickly becomes a source of frustration.

    A second was that there simply weren't enough people for each language group to make it work, especially given that not everybody has the same posting frequency.

    More appropriate to the Ship might be a thread discussing good online language learning resources elsewhere - I've seen a comment or two about them on other threads. We're not really geared up to be a learning platform.
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    And someone knowing the language has to be available for
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