DEUTERONOMY--Second Thoughts (Bible Non-Stop)

Here is a link to the start of Second Thoughts thread on the old Ship to accompany the Non-Stop thread. I find it a useful accompaniment, if only to do post-mortems of the most recent installment on the main thread.


  • HedgehogHedgehog Shipmate
    I know that it is my modern sensibilities talking, but I really find it odd that the various rules/rulings contained in the last few chapters of Deuteronomy seem to be put in there randomly. Why aren't the rulings on taking security for a loan put together? Or, rather, why was it considered reasonable to go from listing a rule on loan security; followed by a rule on punishing kidnapers; then a rule re: leprosy; back to rules on loan security? It just seems to me like it would be easier to remember if like was gathered with like.

    But, then, I don't have an ancient mindset. The Past is a different country, innit?

    Side point: does anybody know if Nigel M made the transition to the new Ship?
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    Hedgehog wrote: »
    Side point: does anybody know if Nigel M made the transition to the new Ship?

    AFAIK he hasn't so far, but I'm sure he'll make it eventually. The amount of free time he has varies considerably.
  • HedgehogHedgehog Shipmate
    Over and above my surprise and delight at seeing the Non-Stop revived, @Lamb Chopped , that was a truly awesome rendition of Deuteronomy 24:14-22!!
  • Lamb ChoppedLamb Chopped Shipmate
    edited March 11
    Hehehehehehehee... wish fulfillment, that was.

    But we should definitely get the NonStop Torah going again.
  • "A brief recess" ... only two years, not that long at all.
  • HedgehogHedgehog Shipmate
    No surprise that it is a little "Drawn Out."

    <Hedgehog suddenly realizes that only long-time readers of the Non-Stop are going to understand that joke--and they probably (with some justification) will ignore it.>
  • Heh. I got it.

    Is anybody up for this, really? I would. Not like I have places to go, people to see...
  • HedgehogHedgehog Shipmate
    I'm certainly up for continuing! But even when the Non-Stop was going full throttle it would take me a month or two between installments. I don't have Nigel M's gift for inventiveness and it takes a while for inspiration to strike. Honestly, compared to the other books, I have found Deuteronomy to be more of a chore to do. Writing for Leviticus was a stroll in the park by comparison. Leviticus had all those lovely details as to decoration (usually in gold) and ritual--the Non-Stop practically wrote itself! :grin:

    This revival did encourage me to finish printing out a hard copy of the other Non-Stop books from the old Ship. I couldn't bear to lose them.
  • Yep, well, I'm good to wait for monthly inspiration if you like. Or if we could recruit others...
  • I want the :killingme: smiley back!

    esp. for the sly reference to Jesus.
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