Page 47: A Game For Shut-Ins

adam harris
Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 47, and post the fourth sentence. Don't mention the title.

'But unless Turgon himself released me from my oath, I could not tell that guess, even to you; and therefore your search would be vain.


  • So 'the plan of Zeus was fulfilled'.
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    'But on the other hand, the moment she thought of a future with Vronsky, the most brilliantly happy prospects rose before her, while with Levin the future seemed cloudy.'
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    "Those who disobey the order will be stripped of their Vulcan citizen status and exiled." (I spared you the Vietnamese book, which didn't have four sentences on that page anyway)
  • 'The Sea Lords were at that time Lord Walter Kerr, Sir Archibald Douglas, and Admiral Durnford, and both individually and collectively they never failed to evince an interest in it, so that at length the active assistance of Sir Archibald Douglas overcame objections of principle, and the men were granted.'
  • There was an eternal motion, in the course of which was brought about the origin of the worlds.
  • Eadith was a strong, clever woman, and only a fool ignores such a woman’s advice, yet her anger aroused a fury in me.
  • "After each Lesson the Reader may say 'The Word of the Lord.'"
  • Petra today is a vast archaeological treasure trove that would have delighted Indiana Jones.
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    "And how is the fiance?"
  • He was careful to prosecute this inquiry on the days when the library was open to the public; and Charity was therefore sure of spending part of the afternoon in his company.
  • Smack the bent-outward section of the rim against flat ground.
  • It was Petrov's survival instinct which had driven his detection.
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    Cornus mas: deciduous shrub or small tree; the leaves colour well in autumn (see p288).
  • "Granny Weatherwax won't like it!"
  • MMMMMM Shipmate
    Curses! The first book I picked up only has ‘1955’ on page 47, so let’s try the next nearest:

    ‘I hear your quite an authority on this well’ said the Doctor.

  • May my prayer be like incense set before you, the lifting up of my hands like the evening offering.
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    Oh, how embarrassing! I’ve just noticed the glaring typo in my last post. Blame auto correct.

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    "It should follow from this that the sphere of such a bishop's authority will often have been identical with a district or people centred on a domnach-type establishment, and indeed it is envisaged that a church of that status will normally house a bishop."
  • "It's just too expensive for them," Kinch says
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    Of course, books of magic developed a certain ... personality, derived from all that power in their pages.
  • And have no tears to wipe, but tears of joy!
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    'What day, sir? D'you not remember we arranged it for today?'
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    In the next, Clyde's cart, the seed was loaded, potato and corn and barley, and bags of tools and implements, and graips and forks fast tied with esparto twine and two fine ploughs and a driller, and dairy things and a turnip machine with teeth that cut as a guillotine cuts.
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    After the messenger had spoken these words, Izates replied that he was aware that the Parthian empire was far larger than his own, but for all that he was even more certain that God is mightier than all mankind.
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    Then, when a crowd of sailors poured in and began to clamour for beer, I paid my bill and left also.
  • Guzman Bento of cruel memory had put to death great numbers of people besides Charles Gould's uncle; but with a relative martyred in the cause of aristocracy, the Sulaco Oligarchs (this was the phraseology of Guzman Bento's time; now they were called Blancos, and had given up the federal idea), which meant the families of pure Spanish descent, considered Charles as one of themselves.
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    "The fire-bearer (the clerk) his triple or single-candle."
  • "Normal butane and isobutane are two different compounds, and the name butane is used collectively to denote both n-butane and isobutane; the names n-butane and isobutane are used to distinguish properties and chemical characteristics unique to each compound."
  • She noticed that he was staring strangely at her.
  • Pendragon wrote: »
    She noticed that he was staring strangely at her.

    That's what happens when you start going on about butane, isobutane, and n-butane...

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    He was married to one of my many distant cousins, Rivkah, and now lived in Cana, to the south.
  • Nenya wrote: »
    He was married to one of my many distant cousins, Rivkah, and now lived in Cana, to the south.

    Is that from Abraham's private diary, that never made it into Genesis?
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    But then one bright spring day -- it was the 29th of May 1902 -- while she sat preparing for her class under the trees in the backyard of Foreningsgatan 6, quietly, invisibly, there occurred the central event of her whole life.
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    "In a word, it is remote."
  • By now, with the Second World War well past, theatre was not just reviving but flourishing in Canada, and Davies was in the thick of it.
  • (That's about Robertson D. I'm certain!)

    During his working hours, the individual is managed as part of a production team, during his hours of leisure time, he is managed and manipulated to be the perfect costumer who likes what he is told to like and yet has the illusion that he follows his own tastes.
  • Some barbarians miss the close-knit family structures of the tribe, but eventually find them replaced by the bonds formed among members of their adventuring parties.
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    The government decided in November 1918 to pay a special benefit to all unemployed whilst the economy adjusted to peacetime conditions.
  • (That's about Robertson D. I'm certain!)

    Yes - bad luck in pagination, unfortunately - most pages would have given you a quote from rather than about...

  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    Some barbarians miss the close-knit family structures of the tribe

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    He was a big, beefy man, with hardly any neck, although he did have a very large mustache.
  • GarasuGarasu Shipmate
    Sometimes things will seem easy and straightforward; sometimes rather the opposite.

    [You don't say...]
  • Now Faustus must thou needs be damned?
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    Bare legs and brambles are as painful a combination now as they were when God first sent up the thorns, as I discovered myself.
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    To the casual observer, those things look just like work.
  • What Wittgenstein writes here, of epistemology, might apply to aspects of one’s physiology and psychology - especially in regard to what Sherrington once called ‘our secret sense, our sixth sense’ - that continuous but unconscious sensory flow from the movable parts of our body (muscles, tendons, joints), by which their position and tone and motion is continually monitored and adjusted, but in a way which is hidden from us because it is automatic and unconscious.

    [the previous 3 sentences were somewhat shorter!]
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    But i thought a Low church like that might suit Moslems better than the High ones, which are so set about with images.
  • Page 47 doesn't have 4 sentences so I thought to reverse the numerals and give you this from page 74:

    " Thus in our brief national history we have shot four of our presidents, worried five of them to death, impeached one and hounded another out of office. "
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    "Well," the earl continued, "I hired some men and decided to run out this imposter myself."
  • "Why?"

    [short, snappy, what's not to like?]
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