How Would Your Favorite Fictional Characters Have Voted?

Pick your favorite novel, film, tv show, comic book, video game, etc., and (unless the work of fiction makes clear how its characters voted) give a guess here how the characters would have voted in the elections of the time. Of course, this only applies to works of fiction set in places and times where people were able to vote (although you could guess how female characters in works set before women's suffrage was passed would have voted). And this also is based upon the candidates and parties that were running in the times that the works were set. I'm most interested in historical and real-life settings, but if you want to guess about characters in science fiction, fantasy, or other counterfactual or futuristic settings, go ahead!

I guess I could start with Downton Abbey, but I'm not from the UK so my knowledge of the political context of the time the series is set is limited. I imagine Tom Branson would have voted Labour or perhaps to the left of Labour if there were some such option, Robert Crawley would have voted Tory, and Isobel Crawley would probably have voted Liberal at least while the Liberals remained electorally relevant in their jurisdiction. But I know nothing about the politics of whatever bit of Yorkshire (?) the series was set in at the time.

And there probably are lots of other works where discerning the electoral habits of the characters would be even more interesting, so have at it!


  • Officer Dibble from Top Cats - I'm guessing he would have voted Republican. Can't see him as a Democrat.
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
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    Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice - Tory - or whatever the equivalent then.

    If Toad (wind in the Willows) was voting here he would doubtless vote for The Public Party. I can see him being a sucker for conspiracies.
  • Chief Inspector Morse would vote for the Real Ale Candidate.
  • Telford wrote: »
    Chief Inspector Morse would vote for the Real Ale Candidate.

    Damn! If I had that option, I would have voted for them.
  • EigonEigon Shipmate
    I imagine Lord Peter Wimsey voting Tory out of habit - but his sister Mary would definitely vote Labour. I think Harriet Vane would have been a floating voter, studying all the manifestoes carefully each time.
  • Rats, you have stolen my choice Eigon.
  • Bertie Wooster would definitely have voted Tory.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Bertie Wooster would definitely have voted Tory.

    Given that even then voting in the UK was not compulsory, my bet is that he would not have voted at all.
  • I imagine that if a chap from the Drones had stood in his constituency, Bertie would have been a good chap and helped a chap out, but otherwise he'd have been all a bit fogged.
  • There must have been a story, I know there's one where Spode stands for the facist party.

    The one recording of the Avengers I managed to catch last week. John Steed and the (now late) Emma Peel saved the Prime Minister, who it was revealed neither of them voted for, but not who he was.
    Steed, I suspect, must have been a posh/benevolant Tory. I can't think of an obvious other home.
    Peel (being less 'Lady like', but still of that class) has a few more options. Gale&Keel, I've seen less off, but if they are 'idealistic' could be any.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    jay_emm wrote: »
    I know there's one where Spode stands for the facist party.
    Spode is the leader of the fascist party (the Black Shorts, because all the shirts were taken). When Wooster finds out he says he thought he looked like a dictator.

  • There's at least one where one of Bertie's friends pretends to be a revolutionary Communist in order to impress a girl.
  • Morse (in the Endeavour phase) - I think he might have voted Labour, possibly Liberal.
    Morse (in the Morse phase) - by then he would have been a safe Tory voter
    Lewis (at any time) - an instinctive Labour voter, but could have been persuaded to go for the Lib Dems,
  • TelfordTelford Shipmate
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    Morse (in the Endeavour phase) - I think he might have voted Labour, possibly Liberal.
    Morse (in the Morse phase) - by then he would have been a safe Tory voter
    Same as most people

    More John Thaw....Reagan would be Conservative. Kavanagh would be Labour
  • I'd like to imagine Don Camillo loudly denouncing Communism as godless lies, and then voting for Peppone because the right-wing candidate was an arsehole.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    I'm seeing Beowulf as Monster Raving Looney tbh.
  • The Joad family would vote Democrat up until about 1980, at which point they'd switch to the Republicans. By 2016, they'd be a fixture at Orange County MAGA rallies.
  • Sebastian Flyte would be a natural Tory voter, one might think, but Sebastian would have found the entire business too vulgar to bear. Speaking of bears, I suspect that Aloysius, despite his cuddly appearance, was a quietly insane Tory reactionary, riding around on the back of a lorry, with Charles, during the General Strike.
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  • I keep buggering this up. My previous post was in the British context. In the Canadian context, Dunstan Ramsey would have voted Liberal, though Justin Trudeau would probably have recalled to him less happy memories of his students.

    In his time, Huck Finn would have been a Republican; later a New Deal Democrat; in 1980 he would have voted for Reagan, but would have returned to the Democrats from 1988 onward.
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    This has got me wondering about the voting preferences of Arthur Dent. I can't see him as a Tory voter, but I can't make my mind up whether he'd more likely go for Labour or the Lib Dems. A tactical voter, maybe.
  • EigonEigon Shipmate
    He was opposed to bypasses (at least, the one going through his house), so perhaps he'd vote Green!
  • Gill HGill H Shipmate
    He was ‘a regular Guardian reader’ and would have certainly voted Labour at the time.
  • The kids from Riverdale are mostly Republican supporters(if not outright voters), of the Eisenhower template. The exceptions would be Jughead, who is probably apolitical, and Dilton, who likely breaks for Stevenson.

    Later on, Archie, Betty, and possibly even Jughead might get freaked out by Goldwater, and switch to the Democrats. Reggie and Veronica would stay with the Republicans, for what I assume are obvious reasons.
  • Does anyone with knowledge of Canada have any idea how the characters from Schitt's Creek would vote? Town council elections there might be nonpartisan, but I wonder if Roland, Moira, and Ronnie ran for office as a member of any party.

    As for superheroes, their political leanings might have been covered in the comics, which I haven't read. I imagine Bruce Wayne would be a registered Democrat so as to be able to vote in the Democratic primary in a city where I imagine the Democrats usually win city-wide office. He, Tony Stark, Oliver Queen, Britt Reid, and other "rich boy with toys" superheroes might all vote Republican or for moderate/conservative Democrats, whoever will keep their taxes low and not snoop too much into their dealings.

    Clark Kent/Kal-El, Diana Prince, and Steve Rogers would probably vote for whoever the most idealistic candidate is (I imagine traditional Steve Rogers would be pro-military and anti-communist, but a more jaded later Steve Rogers would be anti-war). Charles Xavier would probably vote for whoever is the strongest supporter of mutant and other human rights. Bruce Banner would probably be anti-nuclear weapons and environmentalist, but as the Hulk he might support Trump. No idea who Peter Parker would vote for when he got old enough.

    Who do you think Logan (James Howlett) would vote for in Canada?

    What superheroes (or any fictional characters, especially ones that aren't bad guys, for that matter), would be Trump voters?
  • @stonespring

    Logan is Wolverine, right? Based on the movies, he's from rural northern Alberta. More or less my neck of the woods.

    Going by his location, he'd probably vote Conservative. I'd like to say he'd support some of the more red-toryish specimens, but actually that part of the province, while not so uniformly reactionary as the rural south, does produce its share of troglodytes.

    Of course, as a member of a socially marginalized group, he might favour progressive policies in regards to social integration etc. So maybe he'd go Liberal or NDP(the socialist party), who have occassionally won seats up there.
  • GwaiGwai Epiphanies Host
    Having just been reading to my daughter, I think Boromir would have voted for Trump because he would like his aggressive message. Gimli would refuse to vote. Aragorn would be the best candidate to write in.
  • DafydDafyd Shipmate
    The Fantastic Four once renamed their building Four Freedoms Plaza: so I think that makes them clearly Democrats.

    Steve Rogers started out his career fighting Nazis: he was out there punching Hitler nine months before the US went to war with Germany. There was also the story where he unmasked the villain to find it was Richard Nixon. I'm thinking also a Democrat.
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    Ricardus wrote: »
    I'd like to imagine Don Camillo loudly denouncing Communism as godless lies, and then voting for Peppone because the right-wing candidate was an arsehole.

    That's probably right. IIRC, Peppone sneaks in to mass from time to time also.

    Clancy of the Overflow would have joined the Labor Party (correct Aust spelling) when it was founded.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    As would his mate The Man from Snowy River
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