NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

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The month has started, and we don't seem to have a thread yet. Probably too much Stuff going on.

Info is at

Basically, a whole bunch of people try to write 50k words in a month. It's free. If you make it to 50 k, you "win" and get a certificate. If you don't make it, that's absolutely ok! A fun project, but everyone has their own stuff going on. Some people rearrange their whole lives to focus on this project for a month. Others squeeze it in wherever they can.

There's a great community of people on the site forums. Encouraging each other; trading ideas; referring to information sources; playing games; and having off-topic fun.

So it's there, if you want to do Nano. There's a "What is NaNoWriMo?" link at the top of the homepage, and you'll find there what you need to know to get started.

Many Shipmates have participated in past years. Long ago, I made it to 50k, two or three years. I plan to just take it easy this year. I mostly just want some creativity as a distraction from Life, The Universe, And Everything. I just want to have fun. If I do 5 pages, great. 100 pages? Even better, but not required for me to have a good time.

Anyone else participating?


  • I sort of feel like I'm doing this every week of my life, as I now write for a living. But it's not fiction, and I'd dearly love to dip my toes in, but suspect that, as usual, November is going to be rather fraught this year. Wish they would do it in July or something.
  • I signed up and intend to edit three of my unpublished dogs, but I got one ready and sent it to print a sample copy so I can edit it on paper. They say they've sent it so we'll see when I get it.
  • LC--

    Maybe do some flash fiction? Very, very short. Sometimes, 1-2 paragraphs.

    Also Nano does some things at other times of year. I think one is Camp Nanowrimo. Check the site.
  • I’ve signed up and have done a bit on my novel in progress but no where near 1,000 words a day.
  • mt--
    mousethief wrote: »
    I signed up and intend to edit three of my unpublished dogs, but I got one ready and sent it to print a sample copy so I can edit it on paper. They say they've sent it so we'll see when I get it.

    Cool! :)
  • I signed up to focus my mind. I'm planning to write a piece of historical non-fiction, for which I have amassed copious notes over the years. I thought NaNo would get me writing it up, but alas, I've found myself doing more research....
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    Oh no Quine! Not research! I'm sure if you just unplug your brain and write you'll get 20,000 words by Friday.
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    I do love a good NaNoWriMo challenge but can't do it this year, as I'm in revising rather than writing mode with my current project. However, I'm quietly cheering for those who are doing it!
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    I decided on 1st November to have a go this year. I knew from the outset that with this term in schools (peripatetic violin/viola teacher, different schools every day) being so utterly extra exhausting I would never get to 50000 words, so my goal was to write something every day.

    I succeeded in that, which is a massive win for me! Especially good as I haven’t written for years and discovered that I really do still like it.

    (I also discovered that I really really wish I could work from home to pursue various creative projects rather than trundling between schools)
  • Ooh, oooh! And what did you write about??

    Some day I'm going to do this. Some day...
  • luvanddaisiesluvanddaisies Shipmate Posts: 44
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    It’s based on a real incident in Glasgow in 1954 where a rumour went around schools in the Gorbals / Hutchesontown area of the city (Gorbals then was an especially tricky place to live), that there was a 7-foot tall iron-toothed vampire in the local graveyard, and that it had murdered two little boys.

    The response of the kids in the Gorbals was to roll up and converge on the graveyard en masse at the end of the day to kill it! There were over 200 kids there, from toddlers to teenagers, some with weapons, some with crosses, all roving through the Southern Necropolis and hunting the vampire.

    It made the newspapers, internationally apparently, and questions were asked in Parliament about it. People blamed it on American comics (although how kids in the Gorbals would have found a shop selling those, or been able to afford them is... well, it’s not likely). The Distribution of Obscene Publications to Children Act of the following year flowed out of it.

    I’m using it as my springboard and postulating that the vampire might have come back later...
    ...As I live in London I really do need to wait until I can travel up to Glasgow and go and look at some places & do some planning and research before I get any further though.

    Still proud of writing every day in November though.
  • Wow, what a totally awesome occurrence, and great story fodder. I can imagine someone doing art of the toddlers, etc. grimly clutching their weapons as they toddled over the graves...

    It would make a great webtoon.
  • luvanddaisiesluvanddaisies Shipmate Posts: 44
    The whole area was dominated by Blaze’s Foundry, so the Sky would light up red every so often. Definitely a good backdrop.
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