Good day/Bad Day songs

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Steve Lemacq on 6 music does this every week, and I thought it would be interesting to see what shipmates have as these - and there will probably be some different genres.

The idea is two songs, one that you would listen to after a bad day, one that you would listen to after a good day. You an also explain why if you want - but not necessarily.

To start, here are mine:

Good day: 2 Months Off by Underworld. Just a superb song to dance around to.
Bad Day: Do Anything You Want To Do - Eddie and the Hot Rods. A great "Fuck this" song.


  • Good day: It by Genesis. Like everything else in the 70s it's about drugs, but it's joyful and comes as the final resolution in the Lamb lies down concept album.

    Bad day: a bit seasonal this one: Bad Friday Blues by Graham Kendrick. I can't believe this is so neglected. He wrote some great - and provocative - stuff well before the Shine Jesus Shine era.
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    I agree about Kendrick. His non-worship music was great.
  • sloth357sloth357 Shipmate
    Good Day: Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin
    Bad Day: Have You Got a Biro I Can Borrow? - Pete Atkin

    At least I think so. But it might be the other way round...
  • I have so many songs that I cycle through in my head that this is very hard for me. I really love to sing Tom Waits' song I Can't Wait to Get off Work (semi naked woman warning on that link) I worked nightshift at a servo while at Uni part time to save up money to bum around Europe for a year, and would often play this song at 3am or thereabouts. Great memories.

    For feeling sad, I can't go past Billy Bragg in an introspective mood. Tender Comrade is an example.
  • If I'm having a bad day, I tend not to have the patience to listen to anything. I'll often try and put something on, get annoyed with it, and put it off again. I can do moody introspection better without a soundtrack.

    Good day? Could be lots of things, but let's plump for this morning's commute soundtrack, which was Joan Jett's version of "I love rock and roll".
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    Bad Day: Am I Blue? Or any blues really
    Good Day: Good morning,Sunshine. from Godspell? or Hair/ or whatever?
  • TwilightTwilight Shipmate
    Bad day: Neon Blue Raul Malo's voice singing anything really.

    Good day: Going Up the Country
  • Bad day: Stavanger Toestub by Half Man Half Biscuit - I won't link as it's basically nine seconds of obscenity howled through a loudhailer in a Norwegian death metal stylee, but I just cannot hear it without giggling, who but Nigel Blackwell could set the pain of a stubbed toe to Norwegian metal?

    National Shite Day is linkable though - especially as the other week I struggled through the snow on my bike to find nothing running at the station, and realised that just briefly my life was the opening few lines!

    Good day: Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones.

  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    Bad Day: Strange Fruit [Billie Holiday?]
    Good Day: Wish me Luck as you wave me goodbye [Gracie Fields]
  • TwilightTwilight Shipmate
    Bad days can start with : Diana Ross's version of Good Morning Heartache

    Then turn into a good day with: Speedo
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    Going back to 1975 or so, raising a glass for one living and one dead roommate from univ days (okay, so it's actually a cup of tea, what kinda guy am I really am?).

    Bad Day: Love Stinks (J. Geils Band).

    Good Day: What Kinda Guy? (Steve Forbert).
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    Bad Day: Dido's Lament Dame Janet Baker.
    Good Day: Nessum Dorma - Turandot.
    Placido looks more the part, but maybe it's not really over till the fat guy sings. Luciano had a wonderful voice.
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Bad day: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (I like it. It relaxes and comforts me.)
    Good day: Ode to Joy It's my head banging song! :joy:
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    Bad Day: Elgar's Cello Concerto; always makes me cry; but then so do the third and fourth Acts of Boheme.
    Good Day : The whole of the "HELLO DOLLY" Broadway production starring Carol Channing [might only be available on vinyl]. in out of the way shops. I transferred mine to a CD. Wish I hadn't
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Lyda wrote: »
    Bad day: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (I like it. It relaxes and comforts me.)
    Good day: Ode to Joy It's my head banging song! :joy:

    Sorry, hosts and everyone else. Somehow an exercise video I bookmarked got in there. Try again: (Ode to Joy disappeared)

    Preview says this works.

    Now it says it doesn't. :unamused:


    Hey! Where did it go?!
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    building on" where did it go?

    Bad Day: Where did our love go? Supremes [ tho there's some argument about that]
    Good Day: Our love is here to stay, I like the Ella Fitzgerald version, but most people like Sinatra
  • Bad day: I wish I knew how it would feel to be free- Nina Simone, or if it’s the sort of day that requires lots of shouting and stamping round the kitchen - Country Girl by Primal Scream.
    Good Day - Take Me Out by Frank Ferdinand.
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