Timeless Test Continued



  • I think it's fair to say that David Warner has put the Ashes series behind him. And yes, Pakistan are awful: they went for more than four an over on the first day, when your bowlers ought to be fresh.
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    Simon Toad wrote: »
    Pakistan is a rabble. Some bloke has just kicked the ball over the boundary for four.

    I don't know much about cricket* but I don't think you're supposed to kick it.

    * understatement of the century
  • Simon Toad wrote: »
    I'm looking for a David Warner redemption innings in which he carries his bat and saves the game.

    One David Warner. There's only one David Warner. One David Warner. There's only one David Warner.
  • Joe Root makes a double-century against NZ, but with four days gone the scores are near enough level with 8 NZ wickets in hand in the third innings of the match. short of something astonishing happening, it's got "draw" written all over it.

  • Vale Bob Willis. What a great cricketer, a giant of the game and one of the many jewels of English cricket from that era. Get your prostate checked fellas.
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    I have tickets to Day 3 of the boxing day test with my mate Mat. We are in the Ponsford Stand. Judging by the pitch in the Shield game that had to be abandoned due to uneven and unreadable bounce, the game is either going to be over by then, or they will curate the hell out of the test wicket and Mat and I will be watching an endless parade of runs. I'm hoping for blood, natch.
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    As 40 degree days loom up here in eastern Australia, I fell for the cricketers who had to play in 4 successive days of it in Perth. My abiding memory of my first trip to Perth decades ago was watching people who weren't used to hot sun in a dry atmosphere (so it doesn't feel so hot at first) keel over with sunstroke. (I'm not kidding!).
  • Woo hoo Aussies strike again.
  • I'm dreaming of a hot Christmas,
    With Kiwis wilting in the field
    Where their bowlers glisten
    as they strain to listen
    to phantom edges from our boys...
  • rhubarbrhubarb Shipmate
    I'm enjoying the Boxing Day test. Australia looks to have the upper hand.
  • Very much the upper hand. Great to be able to sing along to an old classic in honour of Travis' century yesterday.
  • rhubarbrhubarb Shipmate
    YES!!!! We triumph again.
  • What a great summer of Test Cricket. I believe Australia won every test. Things are coming together for this team. Laberschange is a revelation, a future captain I hope.
  • That was an exciting test down in SA.

    Stokes to the rescue. Again. Only 8.2 overs to go.
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    Simon Toad wrote: »
    What a great summer of Test Cricket. I believe Australia won every test. Things are coming together for this team. Laberschange is a revelation, a future captain I hope.

    When you consider his test debut was as an injury replacement, he's definitely made the most of his lucky break.
  • TukaiTukai Shipmate
    New Zealand, who were thrashed on the scoreboard in all 3 of their tests, were undermined by bad planning and a spate of injuries/ illness. Bad planning: their only warm up for the first test was a series against England (who they beat!) in the temperate moist conditions of NZ; starting their tour with the first test at Perth in blazing sunshine and 40 degree temperatures on each of 4 days was too big an ask. Then in the lead up to the third test (Sydney) they had 4 players lost to a flu (including their best batter) and another 2 out injured (including their best bowler), which didn't help.
  • In the absence of Anderson and Archer England got everything right in the Third Test: score plenty of runs, get all your bowlers to do well, and catch just about every realistic chance. You don't do that without a good captain; apart from keeping himself on too long at the end he didn't miss a trick. Given the resources available Root is shaping up nicely.
  • It did help that some people did better than expected. We now have 2 fast bowlers and Pope finally got his century. Give Stokes some catching practice, and have the openers score better and things are looking positive.
  • We've only got one fast bowler because sodding Root played too heavily and clumsily with his new toy Archer in NZ and niggled him.
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