Scattering Pearls

This thread is intended to celebrate odd words, phrases or trivia, . Rules: No politicking. Contributions need not be connected to the previous entry, except by a delight in language. All quotations must have a proper citation.
Here are a couple of examples:

From "The Library" by Stuart Kells. Text Publishing. Melbourne 2017.
Sebastian Brandt's 1494 Ship Of Fools is a roll call of dunces, and the foremost dunce is the man who collects "useless books" he cannot read.
Just thought you'd like to know.

another gem from The Library[ see above for details] :
"membranaceous bijoux" .
Used by 19th century bibliophile Thomas Frognall Dibdin to describe precious vellum bound books. I've been dying to use it in one of the word games, but after 3 days , no opportunity has presented itself.
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