Let's invent some names for things that don't exist.

U.S. states: East Dakota, North Virginia, Spotsylvania, Minissippi

English villages: Thorpington Parva (these are hard as real names are so variegated)

Popes: Amicus I, Amicus II, Amicus III


  • Part of the body: Throblitella
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Countries: Nambia ... oh wait a minute ... :naughty:
  • Missinippi exists. Had nothing to do with the other real variant. It is just south of Otter Rapids where the Churchill River narrows in north central Saskatchewan.

    I had the province of Buffalo in my old sig on former ship. Took in southern Sask, parts of western Manitoba and eastern Alberta. The other proposed provinces and districts included Assiniboia, Qu'Appelle, Keewatin.

    In the north, there is in the eastern Arctic the territory of Nunavut. One wonders if Allofit might be a worthy name.

    Saskatchewan has towns named Love and Climax in real.

    I'd like to see a town named Music. Streets could be thing like Tuba Drive, French Horn Way, Crescendo Crescent.
  • aliehsaliehs Shipmate
    Not to mention Pianissimo Parade.
    There's a mythical town in South Australia, called Nunjikompita. Friend of mine applied to be sent there to the equally mythical one teacher school, on leaving Teachers College. Equally mythical is Oodnagalabie North, and of course Oodnagalabie itself.
    But when one lives in a country that has Rainbow, Paradise, and Gluepots, anything is possible. Bungle Bungles anyone?
  • Pangolin GuerrePangolin Guerre Shipmate
    edited June 2018
    NP.... Let's not forget Dildo, NL.

    And, Keewatin is (or was) one of the three districts of the old North West Territories, before Nunavut was created.
  • Dear to my heart, in biblical Palestine there should have been Beersuiggah.
  • GalilitGalilit Shipmate
    No, FD, it's Bear-Shaver
  • Whatever, they'd have been ransacked by the Asshairyones anyway.
  • The RogueThe Rogue Shipmate
    What about a car called the Vauxhall* BikeSmasher

    * Other automobile manufacturers do exist.
  • EnochEnoch Shipmate
    There is a fictional Trumpton already, but perhaps it could contain a district called Digitissimi.
  • PigwidgeonPigwidgeon Shipmate
    edited June 2018
    Enoch wrote: »
    There is a fictional Trumpton already, but perhaps it could contain a district called Digitissimi.

    Former Shipmate Corpus cani claimed to be from Trumpton -- long before we ever thought this nightmare would happen.

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