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  • LatchKeyKidLatchKeyKid Shipmate
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    24D, 6D Bass, clients produce top dog. (4,2,5)


    excellent way to get something into 6D, well done !
  • 14D Scary clown is careful with his money (9)
  • Still trying to work out this one.
  • LatchKeyKidLatchKeyKid Shipmate
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    (Had to get help from spouse to answer that)

    15A We are after a girl to be a mate (6)
  • I didn't know that It was called Pennywise either
  • MISSUS - clued by mate - and miss (girl) + us (we)

    Doing this one before it becomes impossible:

    27A - Promoters of race separation bewilder one to stressing age. (15).
  • Do you need another clue?
  • the big long words always have me wondering where to make a start.
  • oh. hold on.
  • This one is a standard cryptic clue, with one nasty twist
  • I've been looking at the wrong words for the anagram
  • 21A. Place where you can have a Mull and a confused tinker with a question. (7)
  • Lol, I'll leave that in case anyone else wants to play

    Segregationists was chosen of the not many words that would fit as it left useful letters at the end of words (S, G, T, N) not Q or V as some of the options did.

    I did not look at the 27A clue carefully enough.

    17D. Forbid a spice to lose queen is very good. (7)
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    BANGING - BAN + GING(er)

    16A - Genetic mutation found in a surreal bin of colour (6)

    This should leave words that work for 16D and 25A
  • ALBINO - embedded

    26A - Tabled by Mendeleev, men misplaced steel. (8)
  • ELEMENTS - periodic table - anagram MEN and STEEL

    16D - How Morris men wear bells? with gratitude around allowances? (7)
  • 16D - How Morris men wear bells? with gratitude around allowances? (7)

    Drat that should have been:

    16D - How Morris men wear bells? with thornless gratitude around allowances? (7)


    I considered that before but was wondering how ANKS fitted your clue
  • Yes, and sorry - that does leave a couple of possible words for 25A
  • 23D Monster has the French speaking world in turmoil.(5)
  • DEMON anagram of monde
  • 25A Blind man with book, unknown in review, gives endless life.
  • ELIXIR - ELI + X + IR

    I was being slow for DEMON as I was trying to check intersections and post a clue that left options.

    19D - Anticipated outcomes camping? (7)
  • LatchKeyKidLatchKeyKid Shipmate
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    INTENTS - In tents

    22A Heard class examined accounts. (7)
  • I think that's AUDITED - which definitely means EXAMINED ACCOUNTS - but I'm not sure how the rest of the clue works, something to do with something using AUDIO and ED?

    I can clue the last light if I'm right - there are a couple of words that fit.
  • LatchKeyKidLatchKeyKid Shipmate
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    You also audit a class if you attend without intending to be examined in the subject.
    It's a bit tricky because the heard could be mistaken as sounds like.
  • Sorry - and that use of audit wasn't one I knew

    20D Is e.g. christian grey and miserable to be around saint? (7)
  • This looks like
    SADISTS - SAD = miserable, ST = saint, and I..S around Saint.
    I don't get the first clue part.

    That's the completion of the crossword.
    Where do we get the template for the next one?
  • Christian Grey is the main character in 50 Shades of Grey, which I know from reviews and news coverage, and is known to be into BDSM, but I liked the ambiguity of his name.
  • LatchKeyKidLatchKeyKid Shipmate
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    PS. I used to be an auditor (ISO9000). The etymology goes back to battlefields where auditors would kick bodies to listen for a moan that would indicate if it was dead or alive. I'm not sure the bodies were then hospitalised or given the coup de gras. The latter, I suspect.

    I haven't read or seen 50 Shades, so that was a hole in my knowledge.
  • Normally I log in to set up a new grid - it's my Google spreadsheets package we're using. If you can find one that looks interesting to start from that would be good. They do take me an hour or so to build
  • OK. I will work one out. There seem to be a few resources on the internet.
  • Sorry about the delay. A bit caught up with and diverted by relatives' cancers. Hoping to get my head together shortly, but that's what I've said to myself every day so far.
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