Come and See

I came across a graphic novel based on the Gospel of John Come and See.

I know Graphic Novels are a millennial thing. But, I would argue if the Gospel were written today, this would be how it would likely be written.

Notice throughout the novel the theme is "Come and See" with the exception of the last panel which ends with "Blesssed are they who believe without seeing."

What is your reaction to such a novel?


  • Gramps49 wrote: »
    What is your reaction to such a novel?
    My reaction is that a graphic novel of any part of Scripture, if well done, could be awesome.

    This particular example does not seem to be at all well done. It looks more like a cross between a cartoon and a tract than a good graphic novel. My hunch is that people who appreciate the art form of the graphic novel wouldn’t give this a second glance.

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