Example: Verse Works

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Board Intro
Come all ye who love words. Here is a workshop in which to shape and set and juggle them, to hammer out scansion and metre and rhyme, to cobble a couplet or sculpt a sonnet. Subject is secondary, and inspiration is not required (but a sense of fun would be valuable).

Board Guidelines
This is a board for the exploration and practice of verse forms, techniques and genres. It takes its motto (suitably) from Pope:

True Ease in Writing comes from Art, not Chance,
As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance

Not all posts need be in verse, but all should relate to it, however distantly.

An OP should explain the thread topic, link to any relevant definitions or reference sources, and indicate the preferred format for responses.

Examples of thread types include - but are not limited to -
  • thread for a particular form e.g., the sonnet.
  • references, glossary and useful reading.
  • the Renga, or collaborative poem.
  • any subject on or around literature, language, prosody, psalmody, songs my mother taught me, etc.

It is not intended as a writers board in the usual sense. Do not expect feedback, critique or adulation - though points of style or technique may be illustrated by your own examples. Remember, if you want to commit something that might one day appear in your Collected Works, normal Ship's copyright applies.
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