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  • Someone linked to here was a winner of the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Awards, if that's what you're thinking of? The book I'm thinking of is part of the Kelpies range.
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    @Alan Cresswell NEQ's son was not just listed, he won if I recall correctly for this book
  • Aha. Not all in my imagination then.

    The reason for my inquiry? A son of another elder in my church has been shortlisted for this year's Kelpies. As has a sister in law of the same elder. I wonder if an aunt and nephew have both been shortlisted for such a prize before?
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    The Kelpies team are lovely. It's a great prize to win, because the Kelpies authors are a friendly, supportive group.
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    Well done to one and all! :smiley:
  • Jengie Jon wrote: »
    @Alan Cresswell NEQ's son was not just listed, he won if I recall correctly for this book

    I don't like to brag, of course, but I have a first edition autographed by the author
  • Something @Firenze posted on the translate a song thread reminded me I had seen this on FB. The author wants it to get out there and has not copyrighted.

    Fareweel tae a’ oor European gain,
    Fareweel the peacetime story,
    'Fareweel', the path by which we are constrained
    By Labour and by Tory;
    Atlantic flow enfolds these island lands -
    A tideway of constant motion
    That marks the shame o' Johnson’s band:
    Sic a parcel o’ pro-rogues in a nation!

    By force or guile they wid subdue,
    Contriving warlike malaises;
    For sought now by this coward crew
    Are priv’leged craturs’ wages;
    Their bold sequester’d spiel we wid disdain -
    Secure in vainglory’s station;
    But calumny cold wid see us no' remain -
    Sic a parcel o’ pro-rogues in a nation!

    O wid, that I had never seen the day
    That reason in want would fell us,
    That auld grey heads wid line their nests the day,
    Than think on the children before us,
    But people hae the power, and til my last hour,
    I'll mak this adjuration:
    Let us not be sold for ithers’ gold -
    Sic a parcel o’ pro-rogues in a nation!...

    (Mary Ann Kennedy)
  • Dear resident Scottish friends, expats and those with fond touring memories: there is a thread in Heaven, where a vacation-planning Shipmate could use your kind suggestions about what to do in Scotland on a two-week visit.

  • Thanks @Cameron, not being in the mood for Kipling I had not looked at that one!
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