Shipmates Offline, Vacationing, Etc.

I couldn't find a thread for this, though I know we traditionally have one.

Anyway, I'm mostly offline for a while. My computer is very ill. I'm trying to find a new one. Hopefully, that will be within a few weeks. I'm occasionally managing to get to a public computer.

I won't tell you to be boring while I'm offline...but at least save any really good fights 'til I get back! ;)

Take care.


  • GK, I hope that the search is a brief and highly successful one.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Good luck with finding your new computer, GK!
  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    Rossweisse wrote: »
    GK, I hope that the search is a brief and highly successful one.

    And not too expensive.

  • That too, Huia!
  • Thanks, everyone! Computer has revived (don't know for how long), and I'm getting another one. So I'll have a back-up, in case of further trouble.

    (Most of my contact with people is online, due to health stuff. And I can order groceries, pay bills, etc.)
  • Simon ToadSimon Toad Shipmate
    I'll be in Europe between 15 April and 18 May 2019. I usually post from my wife's lappy on holiday, but just in case I don't for a while it's because I am overwhelmed by Liebfrawine (although I think that was Aussie wine with a blue nun on it - very 70's).
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    edited April 5
    I think you might be able to find something better than Blue Nun these days, Simon!

    Have a wonderful trip!
  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate
    Have a great time, Simon!
  • Simon ToadSimon Toad Shipmate
    Rossweisse, we have tickets to Rigaletto in Vienna for our anniversary. I'm so excited!
  • RossweisseRossweisse Shipmate
    Brilliant! I hope it's a good production.
  • Gee DGee D Shipmate
    Lucky you. Just remember that the Viennese Opera is rather more formal than here.
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate
    Computer down for probably the next week or two, so usually won't have access. Be boring! ;)
  • Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate
    Computer hopes to be back from the computer hospital soon. In the meantime, no computer or Web access at home. I occasionally check in from a public computer.
  • LothlorienLothlorien All Saints Host
    edited May 3
    Hope the treatment and recovery goes smoothly
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