As suggested in Hell: send ups of posting styles

I'm up for a game of send-ups of Shippies's posting styles.

It may not be a nasty one, as suggested in the Susan Doris Hell thread. In fact, it might be better if it wasn't nasty at all and something of an hommage or a good-natured spoof.

Some Shippies have very distinctive and sometimes incomprehensible posting styles.

'It's all about God-The-Killer innit? Incarnational Damnationism and bless you my friend. Sort of. Except.'

We could have a blind-tasting session to see who guesses which posters style is being referred to.

What think ye?

Anyone want to start?


  • I think you have to consider the other side.

    I was once an Episcopalian and a Holy Roller and a Methodist all at the same time. I still think kindly of them.

    Even in Wales there are people who disagree with other people.

    My local Orthodox priest once told me an anecdote about a woman.

    Yes my posts are too long, I realize my posts are too long. I should stop doing this. Really I should. No kidding. It's imperative. Somebody stop me because here I go again.

    Still I'd be remiss if I didn't remind everybody to sit on the fence.

    Although if you don't want to do that, that's ok too.

    I'll just trail away here with a few last paragraphs that don't really add much to the conversation.

    I realize that, of course, but I am who I am. Ha ha ha.
  • 11 sentences and 9 paragraphs. There are special bathtubs in hell for the likes of you.
  • Ouch.

    Ok. Here's another. Guess who?

    'I've been involved with church for 472 years. For 643 of those I've been aware of the need to adhere to the 'non-conformist conscience'. It's holding to that non-conformist conscience that was there since the dawn of time which makes me older, wiser and more insightful than anyone else on these boards. In fact Bob Bellend leader of the Mercian Community said to me only the other day, 'We have to be nice to people. The church has forgotten to do that. The non-conformist conscience is all about being nice to people. We need to recover the non-conformist conscience.'

    I often think about that. I often tell people about it too.'
  • Or this?

    'When we had Father Fucktard as Priest-in-Charge we all had to genuflect as the Oblationary Introit passed the yard-arm. Pillock. We even had to process the spinnaker lengthways around the narthex pediment before the Quire sexton spliced the mainbrace on the reredos. WTF! Insufferable pompous little man.

    Now you'd think we were sharing a service with that con-evo shack 20 yards away. But I wouldn't know. I've never visited. I don't even know if it's really there. You have to laugh. Otherwise it's bad luck and we might get Father Fucktard back. That would never do.'
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    This idea has been done before, and it wasn't a good idea then. We might have a think about it, but for now at least this thread is closed.

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