Too late

From the sounds of it from other American colleagues, this year there will be a shortage of green palms this year in the US. That is because when tRump threatened to close American borders, they got held up there. They were not considered priority since they were not edible.

Oh well.


  • Here in Arizona, we have plenty of palm trees so we don't need to import palms. C'mon down and cut your own!
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    Oh that is delicious! However, there's long-standing precedent for using local greenery (pussy willows in northern Europe) -- indeed, imported palms are the novelty. That said, there are lots of palm trees near my parish.
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    People could strew their cloaks ??
  • Galilit wrote: »
    People could strew their cloaks ??

    That's been suggested:
    (This quote thing is driving me crazy!)
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    I will make a correction. Turns out most of the palm leaves used in the United States are actually harvested in the United States--Florida and California, in particular. However, in Florida many of the Palms were destroyed because of hurricanes and wet weather. In California it was wet weather and a severe cold snap. Some palms are harvested in Mexico, but the majority of the backlog comes from the US.
  • The pulpit and lectern were decorated today with HUGE palms (sort of), begged by Father NewPriest from a neighbour.

    I think they may have been bits of Yucca, or possibly any rate, one of the bits tried to devour me whilst I was in the lectern, narrating the Passion Gospel......
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    one of the bits tried to devour me whilst I was in the lectern, narrating the Passion Gospel......

    What a way to go ... I think that would merit instant sanctification and non-composting body parts

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    Alas, I was not devoured, managing to escape the clutches in time, so the Sanctification etc. will have to wait....but the thought is appreciated!
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    I remember the "palms" we used to have in the CofE in the 50s. Cross or perhaps sword, shaped objects, made from some sort of dried palm leaf.

    I was greatly impressed, happening to be on holiday in Madeira on a Palm Sunday, at what real palm branches could look like.
  • Yes, you've just described the palm crosses we had handed out this morning. They are made from palm leaves, but the Big Ones are indeed impressive!
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