Misc. "change a letter/word" thread

Mostly for anyone who wants to ruin a book or a movie with one word, so as not to get zinged for being off-topic on the Ruin A Song thread.

Also could be used for changing more than one letter in the title of something, or using compound nouns as single words, etc.


  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Midnight Express Lane

    Young American gets arrested and jailed for trying to bring ten items into the "Nine Items or Less" line at a Turkish supermarket.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    A Man For All Seasonings

    Thomas More's penchant for zesty spices gets him branded a traitor to England.
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    War and Boredom.

    A US generals memoirs.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    A Fastful Of Dollars

    The Man With No Name wins the lottery during Lent.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Salome's Last Square Dance
  • How Green Was My Valet
    Boy was he jealous of the majordomo.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate

    I saw the best necks of my generation destroyed by take-out, drooping stalactical flaccid...
  • Amanda B ReckondwythAmanda B Reckondwyth 8th Day Host, Mystery Worship Editor
    The Pickwick Tweets -- Scholars have spotted anachronisms in Dickens' first novel; here's an example of the most egregious one of all.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Leaving On A Boeing 737 Max 8
  • stetson wrote: »
    Leaving On A Boeing 737 Max 8

    I don't know if I'll be back again
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    I honestly didn't see that one comng. Well played.
  • A Christmas Corral. Get dem donkeys, sheep and cattle rounded up but leave that stable empty.
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Mr. Jekyll And Dr. Hyde

    Amateur scientist finds chemical shortcut to a Ph.D.
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    To Kill a Mockingjay The author of The Hunger Games is totally burnt out.
  • Jehovah and Wooster

    Bertie Wooster, an idle rich Englishman teams up with The Ground of all Being for madcap hijinks.
  • The French Lieutenant's Wombat

    A naturalist falls in love with a wild female wombat and the two of them explore what it means to be a human male and a female wombat.

  • You are my wombat, my only wombat
    You make me happy when skies are gray...
  • When a Man Loves a Wombat...
  • We need some Beach Boys and related acts.
    Fun, Fun, Jail
    Slurpin' USA
    Smurf City
    Good Vibrators
    The Little Old Lady from Alcatraz

  • The5thMaryThe5thMary Shipmate
    Beach Boys, you say? Okay!

    "In My Womb"
    "Little Douche Coupe"
    "California Ghouls"
    "Slop John B"
    "Dog Only Knows"
    "Wouldn't It Be Lice"
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    A total eclipse of the fart.
  • mousethiefmousethief Shipmate
    More Beach Boys (and friends)...

    Catatonic Girls
    Serf City
    The Little Old Lady from Perestroika
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Here comes the fun
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Hairless Whisper
  • Drains and Boats and Planes
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Annie’s Thong
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    We Will Defrock You
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Let’s Prance
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    The Sinner takes it all
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Thriller Queen
  • EnochEnoch Shipmate
    Following the Hove theme,

    Shakespeare in Hove - memories of AmDram in the 1920s.

    Not to mention Shakespeare in Gove the imaginative reconstruction of the Bard as part of a GCE drama syllabus using contemporary material.
  • mousethiefmousethief Shipmate
    Shakespeare in Lobe -- bard earrings
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Taiwan Girl (David Bowie really blowing his chances for a mainland tour)
  • McMaverickMcMaverick Shipmate
    Let’s Prance
  • stetsonstetson Shipmate
    Postmodern Intersectional Feminist City
  • We need to talk about Boris
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Do we have to?
  • (As sung by a friend's grandson)
    ...To be a penguin.
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