Years and Years

Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
BBC TV series.

I am absolutely enthralled, gripped, partly in terror.

Because it is so well grounded in reality.


  • I missed most of the first episode and watched the second last night. I thought it was great, in a terrifying sort of way. Real shades of Dr Who in the writing, I thought. Unsurprisingly!
    Kid A who is studying the rise of Nazism for GCSE history was shouting “this is it! This is how it happens!” quite a bit.
    I thought Emma Thompson was completely brilliant, and who would have thought she’d make such a convincing Farage?
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    The first episode has a brilliant bit early one where they have put the news from the day it was shown (Doris Day died). hich made it feel so "today".

    And yes, it does show the rise of authoritarianism so well. How a talented self promoter can change people from "I hate her" to cheering. How we all rationalise the vile things that happen "A nuclear bomb went off last week and we are still carrying on".

    I would love to say I am enjoying it, but I am not, as it is utterly terrifying. But I also htink it brings up a lot of really pertinent points (so should really warrant a discussion here!).
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Emma Thompson’s portrayal is brilliant and terrifying. The way she says nothing at all with such charisma. 😵😵
  • Tree BeeTree Bee Shipmate
    I thought the rising panic of the couple who lost the money they’d gained with their house sale when the bank crashed was so well done. I felt their terror with them.
  • AnnieDAnnieD Shipmate
    Have yet to watch the second episode, but will watch by next week. I liked the bit in the first episode when they were having the party and all the children were sat inside, all on screens... how very true of today's culture. Ready to be terrified.
  • ClimacusClimacus Shipmate
    From what I've read, and the thoughts above, I do hope this is fast-tracked to the Antipodes.
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    I still don't understand why this show is not getting more attention. Last nights episode was horrendous (in a good way).
    If the image of a child dead on the beach doesn't make you angry, the image of a character you have been with for weeks who is just wanting to be with his boyfriend might.
  • tessaBtessaB Shipmate
    Just watched last night's episode! OMG! I was expecting Victor to die not anyone else. It is terrifying and enthralling in equal measures. Terrifying because it could so easily be our near future and enthralling because the characters are so well written and acted.
  • Started watching this yesterday on a friend’s recommendation. I’m only on episode two but it’s certainly interesting!
  • What do you make of the end?

    It understandably became more sci-fi as the series moved further and further into the future but was still unnerving.
  • Schroedingers CatSchroedingers Cat Shipmate, Waving not Drowning Host
    It was the response to the comment in the first episode about wanting to be transhuman. And it asked important questions - what next? What do memories mean? Are we going to take responsibility?
  • Tree BeeTree Bee Shipmate

    I liked the way that the characters took back control in the last episode. Freeing Victor and liberating the concentration camp, bursting the snack van through the gate, selling the house and distributing the funds and downloading , what? Memories, her spirit, herself? Was interesting.
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