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  • A young friend, who is in her last year reading Theology at university, has emailed me to ask for help with her dissertation (working title, "Does God Hate Gays?). I'm very happy to help, but it's made me realise my reading must be rather out of date. Can anyone recommend a good recent book on the topic? One really good one would be more useful than a book list!
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    Hi Robert

    Given that your young friend is reading Theology, it occurred to me that, rather than a book, she may find the two articles on Homosexuality from this link illuminating. I'd encourage them to be read as Part 1 followed by Part 2. They show a radical evangelical and a traditional evangelical approach. Not a book, of course and she may have already seen them.
  • it depends on what you actually are looking to achieve. A dissertation cannot be supported by a single book. Ironically, the best books I know on the subject are fiction - written by Michael Arditti. Both "the celibate" and "Easter" present what I would call an incarnational theology of the immediate and underlying issues, particularly the problems the church has with human sexuality as an overall concept.

    For a fantastic if rather quaint-feeling exploration of the effects of self-rejection and self-hatred, which is the underlying issue for the homosexual person themselves, see Harry Williams's 'The True Wilderness". A story of somewhat unquiet resurrection.
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    A couple of books I have enjoyed & found helpful were Unclobber by Colby Martin, and Undivided by Vicky Beeching. Both combine personal experience with Biblical study - they could be too personal in nature for what your friend is looking for though.
    If YouTube is permitted (!) then Matthew Vines has a brilliant little lecture here https://youtu.be/ezQjNJUSraY his book God and the Gay Christian, is apparently also good, though he himself says it’s dated rather and he would write it differently now.
    Lastly, a podcast - yes, I know, not a book, but this series often references books and recent research which sounds to be of high quality. I think this link will take you to a useful place, I hope so! https://almostheretical.com/
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    Robert Armin

    Thought this might be well worth a separate thread, so here it is. At least you'll get all the recommendations together.

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  • That's very kind B62. Thank you.
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    Although it’s nearly a quarter of a century old, I think Michael Vasey’s Strangers and Friends is worth a look, and, although I’ve not read it, Robert Song’s Covenant and Calling, although both are quite British and Church of England oriented.
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    Would you be able to give more context for what your friend’s dissertation is on? If it’s church and society, and their interaction over homosexuality then I won’t be of much help probably, being American.

    But if it’s theology, then the Matthew Vines book recommended above comes up a lot. Doing a reverse bibliographic search on that would then probably yield many results, but that would only get you articles.
    For biblical resources, Anthony Thisleton’s Commentary on the First Epistle to the Corinthians in the New International Greek Testament Commentary series is quite invaluable. The bibliography alone on one of the Greek Paulisms we’ve been arguing about forever makes the book worth it’s academic price.

    A book that’s wildly interesting, but possibly limited to Americans, is Mark A Noll’s The Civil War as a Theological Crisis. This book examines the theological battles that waged between priests and theologians during the American Civil War. There are many passages in the Bible that supports slavery, and many American priests, pastors, and theologians were fully in support of slavery. What’s excellent about this book is that it demonstrates that many of the arguments that were being foisted in favor of slavery are the same kind of arguments that are now being foisted in favor of anti-homosexual theology and praxis. I don’t recall if the book explicitly makes this point, but it’s all there.
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    Yes, the connection between earlier justice battles (slavery, emancipation of women) and the biblical arguments advanced in favour of the status quo is I think one of the most telling arguments around.

    (Steve Chalks makes that point in the article I linked above).
  • The first book I came across on that theme was Slavery, Sabbath, War, and Women.
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    This is another of those historical and linguistic minefields. My reading too is out of date but I began with Bernadette Brooten, her articles in various academic journals and then her 1998 Love Between Women: Early Christian Responses to Female Homoeroticism. And a friend of mine said she found Sarah Ruden's Paul Among the People (2010) helpful.
  • My wife asked some others in our church for some reading material on this, the Youth Worker recommended People to Be Loved by Preston Sprinkle

    she found it helpful, I haven't read it (yet)
  • Candace Chellew-Hodge's book, "Bulletproof Faith" is excellent. Highly recommended. She is a minister in Columbia, South Carolina. She's a lesbian. She's also an acquaintance of mine.
    I know of other resources but I'm tired and my brain is not working very well at the moment. When I can think clearly again, I'll post more information.
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