AS: Tea and biscuits and GIN, the British thread

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Something to suit everyone.


  • So, CAKE anyone?
  • Drifting StarDrifting Star Shipmate Posts: 22
    Yes please.
  • Just a cuppa, please. Two sugars, not too much milk :smile:
  • I'm on! Phew. I thought it might be a bit beyond this techno idiot.
  • We tried to make it as easy as possible :smile: . Welcome aboard!
  • Thanks Marvin.

    Tea, biscuits and GIN please!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    As I'm currently dosed up with flu remedy, perhaps I'll have to stay off the GIN, but tea and CAKE would go down very well. We've decided to cut out our trip back north, as the weather is getting rather unfortunate. D. was able to arrange returning the car to Gatwick, so as long as the plane goes on Friday, we should be heading home then.
  • Safe journey home, piglet. Some nice virtual CAKE is on its way to you - it contains RUM, which may help counter-act the 'flu.....

  • Oh Piglet, it all sounds a bit difficult for you. Been wondering how The Weather has affected your plans. Safe journeys.

    I don’t drink tea, and I’m off booze at the moment, so I’ll stick with the virtual sweet treats.
  • Big pot of slow-cooked stew on at the Owlery. I am going to stoke the fire up, make a large pot of tea and wait for the inevitable stranded motorists. I can hear wheels skidding on the hill already...
  • Yay! I have found you! Weak, no milk, sugar free, please! (Now to work out how to add an avatar...)
  • JapesJapes Shipmate
    Made it across the gangplank with a bagful of cake!

    There's chocolate sponge cake, coffee and walnut, and a rather fine ginger cake. Help yourselves whilst I'm having a mooch around to get my bearings again.
  • CHOCOLATE CAKE? Are you sure we haven't been Raptured?

  • I'm here, or back, or something. Anyway, there goes the tone of the neighbourhood.
  • mrs whibleymrs whibley Shipmate Posts: 30
    I have my GIN to hand (Thomas Dakin) and my husband is just making a nice apple crumble for dessert.
  • I taught today back at my old school for boys with challenging behaviour. I have lost count of how many times we checked the weather forecast to see if they could predict a snow day tomorrow.... I then came home and having regained strength from a fish supper have now successfully boarded the new Ship- all plain sailing!
    Thank you one and all
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
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    And here are some biscuits/cookies :mrgreen:

    :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

  • I would willingly share the ALE in my new avatar, but it's mine, preciousss, yesss, we wants it for ourselvess, yess, we does......


  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    Hi everyone! *waves* I'm sitting here with a large glass of sherry which I had poured before I realised that we do have GIN in the house. That'll have to be for another night now. Would happily spend the evening exploring the new Ship but I have a form I need to fill in this evening. I hate forms. *seeks appropriate smiley and finds the choice sadly limited*

    Great here, though, isn't it? Can't wait to find my cabin and stow my dunnage.
  • I've made it! And so has my avatar, after a bit of a struggle - I think she might have got at the GIN before I did...
  • I made it aboard!
    I also survived trying to work from home at the same time as kids were off school / nursery. #Snowmageddon
  • Was the gangplank supposed to be so wobbly? I need a towel.
  • I'll skip the GIN thanks and head straight for the whisky - medicinal of course, with honey and lemon.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    That sounds like a very good idea, Daisydaisy - just the thing in this weather with all these horrid wee bugs going round.

    I'm still not really mended, but at least now I'll only have two flights instead of three, and only one stupidly early morning.

    Great to see lots of familiar names checking in to the new tub, and looking forward to seeing lots more. :smile:
  • All the best Piglet, an eventful time for you nearly over. Hope you feel better soon.
  • No gin, but I'm toasting the new ship with doctored cocoa (I inherited a bottle of Glayva, which has it's uses).
  • Piglet, I fear that a 'plane on Friday from Gatwick may not be going very far, snow having had the usual effect on the UK. I'll keep the fingers crossed for you.
  • Your weather over there is so bad they are running photographs in my local paper!
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    Sorry to hear the weather has affected your plans Piglet. I am not surprised, being on the edge of that weather dump. And we had snow all day yesterday.

    I am heading further over into the snow covered wastes of East Anglia today to the burns unit and to hopefully stop understudying The Mummy after the mentally unstable neighbour, currently not taking her medication, threw boiling cleaning products over me yesterday*. We had a spectacular number of ambulances and police cars here yesterday dealing with the incident. Including a lot of officers breaking down her door to arrest her. Not that I saw much of this - I was too busy rinsing my face and shoulders repeatedly.

    My major irritation is being taken to the nearest A&E and not the burns unit yesterday, when the local A&E couldn't treat me. Because I am so not looking forward to travelling 2 hours on public transport, looking like a character from a horror movie, with glasses perched precariously, getting to said burns unit today, after making formal statements to the police first thing.

    * she is accusing my daughter of stealing a parcel - which arrived on her birthday, but was a late Christmas present. The trigger was the arrival of a printer cartridge from Amazon yesterday morning.
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    Golly CK. I hope you are all right, or will be when you get properly seen to, and that your daughter wasn't too distressed by the incident. I hope your neighbour gets some help pronto too. Why going out of London, wouldn't it be easier to send you the other way?
    Pigley, sorry you haven't been well, but I hope the funeral went as well as these things can. Fingers crossed your plane is flying on Friday. The weather isn't really *that* bad, its the usual UK not being able to cope with a little bit of snow syndrome, though I guess Gatwick might be worse than my bit of South-West London.
  • ferijenferijen Shipmate
    CK, that sounds hideous. Are you in lots of pain?
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    CK, what an awful thing to happen - get better soon xx

    Piglet, I hope the funeral went well and your plans aren’t too disrupted by the weather.

    Deep snow here in Boogie Wonderland -

    Snowy hoolies -

  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    CK - that sounds dreadful. I hope you're able to get proper treatment and, as someone said, that your neighbour gets proper treatment too.

    Piglet - I wouldn't hold your breath for Friday if the weather forecasts have anything right. I hope your journey goes a bit more smoothly - though if not, perhaps we should be arranging an impromtu shipmeet ;)

    I am trying valiently to be good when it comes to cake and other goodies, but I guess the ones here are all calorie free so I'll have a slice of lemon drizzle and a slice of coffee cake... oh, and did I see a Victoria sponge going begging?................
  • I hope everyone is OK, especially piglet & family & Curiosity.
    Does anyone else have a bread and milk famine? There has been panic buying in South Wales and the supermarkets claim to be out of the stuff!
  • CK - I hope you are OK. You sound remarkably composed for what must be a very painful and frightening incident.
  • SmudgieSmudgie Shipmate
    I just went to do my standard weekly supermarket order and there are no delivery slots available. I guess I will have to pop into the supermarket and see what's available on my way home from work tomorrow. If I can get to work tomorrow.
  • SarasaSarasa Shipmate
    Sorry Piglet, I misnamed you again.
    The weather forcast and the actual weather seem to be two different things at the moment. The forcast is for cold and occational snow, what we have is ++cold and continual light snow. I hope you do manage to get off as planned on Friday, if not as Smudgie said an instant shipmeet sounds good.
  • It's not just bread and milk that people panic-buy, it's loo rolls as well. Why? Because subsisting on bread and milk makes you poo.


  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
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    sionisais wrote: »
    I hope everyone is OK, especially piglet & family & Curiosity.
    Does anyone else have a bread and milk famine? There has been panic buying in South Wales and the supermarkets claim to be out of the stuff!

    I like the sunny avatar @sionisais!


  • amberlightamberlight Shipmate Posts: 9
    'Afternoon all [Or indeed evening, night, morning or otherwise] Glad to be aboard the new Ship. Waving to all. And sending love to those currently recovering from flu, horrible attacks (CK, yikes!) and otherwise. Managed to extend the name of Amber. a bit, this time.
  • Local Co-Op (corner shop) was, as expected, out of bread and milk, though loo rolls are still available for the time being, the shop lady said.

    I therefore purchased some vital necessities - Scottish oatcakes, a small bottle of Glenfiddich, some nice St. Agur CHEESE, some Ryvita crispbread, some butter, and a packet of paracetamol.....

  • The WHISKY has now freed up a few brain cells, and I've worked out how to regain my previous highly-flattering avatar, thanks to advice available on The Styx.

  • DormouseDormouse Shipmate
    Golly CK that sounds nasty and scary. Prayers for all involved.

    I'm hoping very much that the Beast from the East, and Storm Emma miss the north west of England tomorrow...My oncologist & chemotherapist have both given me permission to fly (with sensible precautions being taken) to the UK to see (a) my family (b) Bill Bailey on Saturday night (c) Elbow on Sunday night. This end is fine, with no snow and temperatures of 14° (-7° yesterday!!) but we fear the flights from Lyon may be disrupted.
  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Our poor Rowan tree has blown down :( -

  • MiffyMiffy Shipmate
    Good old Co-op. Mr M had no problems stocking up on essentials just now. I’m home a day early from my trip away, thanks to the ‘Beast,’ so had my first glimpse of the New Ship’s mobile-friendly interface on the train earlier. Helped pass the time a treat.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    I therefore purchased some vital necessities - Scottish oatcakes, a small bottle of Glenfiddich, some nice St. Agur CHEESE, some Ryvita crispbread, some butter, and a packet of paracetamol.....
    I like your style. :smile:

    Curiosity, that sounds dreadful. I hope you mend quickly.

    Piglet - safe travels and get better soon.

    It's our wedding anniversary so Mr Nen and I plan an evening in with a nice meal, wine and the TV. It's cold and snowy (as indeed it was all those years ago) and we are Not Going Anywhere.
  • As someone who
    1. works for the NHS
    2. lives within walking distance of work

    I was at work today. Policy says if you can make it you, you should. That includes if you can't make it to your place of work, you should report to your nearest NHS unit. No problem walking in, but got involved in digging out a number of cars in the car parks on way out. However, all our supermarkets have been closing early, so by the time I got back three were shut, and I snuck into a fourth 10mins before closing time.
    Back in tomorrow.... no chance to stay off
  • balaambalaam Shipmate
    Day 3 of snownageddon, and although there have been no flakes falling since mid morning, and nothing like yesterday's can't see across the road blizzard, today is the worst so far. The outlet for the kitchen sink has frozen. It had better thaw soon as we can't use the dishwasher or washing machine either as they empty down the same pipe.

    Washing up whilst taking a shower seems to be the order of the day.

    (Praying for Ck)
  • Ck - and daughter while you are being treated- praying.
  • Tree BeeTree Bee Shipmate
    CK, how dreadful! Sorry you have to travel for treatment under such circumstances! Also travelling mercies for Dormouse and Piglet.
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