Cryptic Crosswords

Would anyone be interested in a round of cryptic crosswords? We played this on the Old Ship™ a few times. The way it worked was that everyone worked to the same 15 x 15 grid. First person sets a clue (trying to give the best possible options for later clues). The person who solves that clue sets the next interlocking clue and so on.


  • I'm tentatively interested. How would we go about it? Would we each make a 15x15 table/spreadsheet on our computers? And would that work for people who post from their smartphones? (I'd be using my computer.)
  • Last time we chose a grid that we all used, something like this. What I did was print it off and filled it in by hand. If anyone wanted to build and fill in a spreadsheet they could - and I possibly would do that as I could save it in a way I could use across devices and on the move.
  • I'm up for this
    would be even better if someone knew of an online way to store a copy as we fill it in.
  • I'm in.

    I don't know of any good ways of keeping up an online copy that also preserves everyone's pseudonymity. It would certainly be possible for one person to create a google spreadsheet of the thing, and publish it, and update it with each new clue, but that person would presumably have to be willing to identify their google account.
  • Would it be possible for the Ship to have a Google Drive folder? Or some other way to enable shipmates to share access to documents like this?
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    Apparently, according to my geeky daughter, it's possible to set up a Google Drive grid that others can use without giving away identities. Not that I've tried it out yet. As I don't use my Google account for much at all I'm prepared to have a go. If we can set it up, would we need a rule that says people don't enter clues until confirmed by the setter?

    The other challenge is how fancily to set up a grid.
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    And google drive is what exactly? And it works how?
  • Somewhere a document can be stored that will allow others to work on it too.
  • For many of us, pseudonymity became a nice fiction when we joined the Ship's Facebook page. So I'm quite happy to use Google Drive (which is less clunky than Dropbox for linking purposes) when I post happy snaps in All Saints.
    Here you are, NP.
  • OK, so does this grid work? This is set up for anyone with the link to be able to view. The options include being able to edit and/or comment. Apparently if you're logged in to Google, I can see if someone has viewed it.
  • ChelleyChelley Shipmate
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    What happens now? :smile:
    (I love crosswords but am generally hopeless at cryptic ones, so I may be an onlooker!)
  • I can see the grid . CK
    says I can view only, and ask for access to edit, but I suppose we could have a nominated "scribe" to put the answers in once they are confirmed, rather than getting everyone to add the answers themselves

    So who's going to start with the first clue ?
  • OK, this amuses me on several levels:

    13D - Ice casque shakes in reluctant agreement (9)
  • acquiesce
  • Yep, I'll add it and leave it to you
  • Leorning CnihtLeorning Cniht Shipmate
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    17A: Navigation aids for confused celebrity initially nervous on the college lawn (9)
  • Hmmph took slightly longer to put that one in and keep the numbers. I will need to fiddle again later.

    (I've solved yours, but I need to do something else, so I'm hoping someone else will come along soon)
  • 17A: Navigation aids for confused celebrity initially nervous on the college lawn (9)

  • Yes, you have it.
    Your turn.
  • okay, this may take a while
  • 4D

    Musicians found inside where torches traditionally show you to your seat (9)
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    By the way, I checked, I can't see anyone looking at the grid, you can see my name if you're logged into Google Drive (I could see Foaming Draught's identity as the author of the photos on the animal care thread).
  • okay when i said it would take a while, I meant me thinking of a clue (which didn't take as long as i thought), not that it should take long to solve !

    @Curiosity killed Maybe it only tells you who is viewing if they have it open at the time. I only pop in to check the layout and the letters and then close it again.
  • I can answer yours, I was holding back to let others have a go. If it's still unsolved when I get home from work I'll play.
  • OK, - I reckon the answer to 4D is orchestra - definition = musicians, hidden in

    torches traditionally

    In case I'm right, I'll start thinking up another clue.
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    So in case I'm right,

    11A - Inquirer, in hope that company will appoint, turning left from ring around California. (9)
  • You were correct
  • Applicant.

    Appoint, turn left from ring = applint, around CA
  • 12D: Lecturer in destroyed Egyptian gold stands at the bar to take away the pain.
  • #struggling
  • If nobody has made progress by this afternoon sometime, I'll post a hint.
  • I can't solve it either, no ways in at all.

    Definition = lecturer / take pain away / pain, maybe? but none have obvious solutions with 9 letters beginning with I.

    Anagram of Egyptian or /au is too long, if I take out the letters p a i n, there's no i for the beginning. At the bar suggests LLB, but I run out of 9 letters very quickly.
  • Definition = lecturer / take pain away / pain, maybe? but none have obvious solutions with 9 letters beginning with I.

    Don't they?
  • Curiosity killedCuriosity killed Shipmate
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    Bleugh, OK, how about Ibuprofen?

    Nebu - Egyptian gold - gives the - b u - - - - e n
    Lecturer - prof in the middle - buprofen
    I must be the bar that the word is standing at
    Ibuprofen takes away pain

    (it's the last thing I think of: as asthmatics it's contraindicated)
  • Yup.

    (I try to avoid the stuff too, 'cause I find it doesn't agree with my stomach. Acetaminophen every time.)
  • 15A Goodbye from the German in gold (5)
  • so many possible places and possible words, i'm finding it hard to choose a word and make a clue
  • 5D
    Carnivorous Guardian with specific tastes (9)
  • will give a further hint by this evening if no progress by then
  • How about if I add a bit more
    Carnivorous Guardian with specific taste in gin (9)
  • Beefeater. Now I feel stupid ;)
  • 14A. Care for you by text? It's a stretch.
  • Anyone?
  • Tense?
  • No, not tense, although you started well.
  • Well, my first thought when I saw it was "TENDS" for care, but I can't work out how that fits the clue.
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