Mornington Crescent - Return Ticket



  • High Park
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Oxford Circus
  • Cambridge Heath.
  • Russell Square
  • Euston Square
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    Please could someone explain the last two moves as they look like a reverse shunt with a diagonal wild en passant, which hasn't been allowed without a corresponding Zone 1 station at Silly Mid Off since the Garden Review of 1996.
  • Never apologize, never explain.

  • Silly Mid On Hillingdon
  • Farringdon.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Aberdeen (well, their footie club is known as the Dons) ...
  • Milton Keynes - so were theirs for a bit
  • Doncaster but no Donkey Derby there
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    Marsupial wrote: »
    Never apologize, never explain.


    Without explanations, the game is just a list of railway stations.
  • Staying on the Dons theme - Wimbledon, which is now back on Plough Lane, having taken over the old dog track. (I used to support Wimbledon at Plough Lane, back in Crazy Gang times, worked in that little complex with the dog track and football ground in one of the factories.) Although that isn't the best station, Earlsfield would be better.

    @KarlLB - mostly it isn't a list of stations, Euston Square was playing with Square or shaped train stations. It may be on the Circle Lines, Metropolitan and Hammersmith and City Lines while Russell Square is on the Piccadilly, but when has remaining on the same lines had anything to do with anything on this version of the game?
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    I think we've lost our way without arguments over the rules. And we can't argue over the rules if no-one's annotating their moves.
  • Ah, but is "you must annotate your posts" a Rule? Or, indeed, is it a Rule that one must question a post which isn't annotated? Samantha, we need you to tell us ...
  • You forget that the rules explicitly prohibit any explanation of a move to Harrow-on-the-Hill.
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    Surely, though, it is required that any move to said elevated suburb must immediately trigger a response from The Other Place, otherwise you will be pursued by members of a well-known Oxford University dining club: Eton & Windsor Riverside.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Stuff that for a lark: Winchester
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    Let's make an alumnus rhyme. High Wycombe.
  • Elephant & Castle, stations related to Hannibal now in Nidd
  • (I can't think of any stations related to Hannibal!)

    Borough - cos the pubs are much better there - it's where the only galleried inn in London still survives, albeit rebuilt in 1677 after the 1676 Southwark fire.
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    We spent many happy hours eating and drinking in the area when we were in London (and almost as much time getting lost and un-lost again when we used the wrong exit at London Bridge).

    @KarlLB I was being facetious, but honestly the baroque absurdity of the original MC is not part of my experience and I don’t think there’s any prospect of my being able to replicate it here. Perhaps I shall go to Sagrada Familia to repent of the sin of modernism.

    (I don’t know where one goes to repent of the sin of playing two different stations in a single post.)
  • Depends on whether you're male or female: Brixton or Holloway Road would be good, for starters! (St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs is no longer available).
  • Caledonian Road - for Pentonville
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Well, if we're talking Caledonian ...

    Waverley. Do I get extra points for actually being there, twice a day? ;)
  • Samantha ...!
  • MarsupialMarsupial Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    Googling “Samantha”* and “station” right now gets one links to the International Space Station.

    It’s not exactly underground, but it is a tube…

    (*I know, not that Samantha…)
  • PendragonPendragon Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    If you are up there, you are going to need some people in Houston to get you down safely.
  • And then walk south a bit to Prince Street.
  • KarlLBKarlLB Shipmate
    Blue chip in the kitty please.

    (Lyttleton-Rushton 1977 review, you will recall)

    I'll take the Blue chip and draw 2 face up. Laterals wide so Picadilly; Zone 3 south of Kew in Spoon.
  • Not a problem. Chalfont & Latimer should be well out of the danger zone (just be careful when changing at Baker Street).
  • Northwood should remain out of the danger zone.
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
    edited August 2021
    Northwood Hills would provide even greater security - less danger of flooding!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Don't talk to me about flooding - I got my trotters soaked crossing the road outside Château Piglet after disembarking at Linlithgow.
  • The heat, the heat, I need to go North…

  • Nizhny Bestyakh since rail hasn't gotten as far as Yakutsk
  • I know everyone has been waiting for this.

    Battersea Power Station
  • Yay! You do realise that you can travel direct from there to M ... M ... M... Mill Hill East!
  • And from there to Clapham South
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
  • jrwjrw Shipmate

    Squeeze fans will see what I did there.
  • Bermuda Park. Sounds sunnier.
  • I don’t think we’ve ever been to Coventry on this thread, and since we’re close by…
  • Covent Garden.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    edited September 2021
    I have less than fond memories of Covent Garden tube station: my wallet was once nicked going up in the lift. :(

    To places with rather happier connotations:

  • If I'm going to Aberdeen, I'll visit Stonehaven for Dunottar Castle and the butteries.
  • Going to the elements I see, Waterloo
  • And for a blast from the past (1972 to be precise) we take a short trip to Baker Street .
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