Orthodox rite of baptism for adults

Whilst in most churches in Western Christianity baptism is usually administered by pouring water on the head of the candidate, I believe that in Eastern rites baptism is usually administered by ducking in water and rising to new life.
I can see that one might use some sort of basin for the baptism of a baby and indeed such a ceremony was the only time that I have been present at an Orthodox baptism.
What does one use for an adult baptism ? Is there a pool which is used as in a Baptist or indeed in some Catholic churches ? Do Orthodox always insist on an Orthodox baptism for an adult convert who may have already gone through the ceremony of baptism in one of the Western Christian 'churches' ?


  • The Orthodox can answer this better than I can but my understanding is that as long as it's running water a baptism by immersion in the Orthodox tradition can be carried out almost anywhere, in a baptistery, in a river, the sea ...

    As far as baptising people who have already been baptised in another Christian tradition, my understanding is that the Russians will customarily do that and that the monks of Mount Athos would insist on it too. Other Orthodox jurisdictions don't. The Antiochians don't baptise Western converts from other churches. I don't think the Greeks do either.

    Others who know more than I do will be able to give the low down.

    As with almost everything else about Orthodoxy there are all sorts of contingencies and variations, it seems to me.
  • We rent a horse trough. Seriously.
  • Thank you to both for your information . I do like the idea of a horse trough !!
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    mousethief wrote: »
    We rent a horse trough. Seriously.

    I love it!
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    We have a galvanized metal horse trough, but I have also baptized adults, and children over age 3, in lakes or pools.
    Those who have previously been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity, and have a certificate or witnesses, are received by Holy Chrismation (similar to a Western Confirmation).
  • Am the only one who keeps picturing the Baptism scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?
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    And Nicki’s gonna be your godmother...
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    One practice that I actively discourage is for converts to take completely new names when baptized/chrismated if they already possess a perfectly good Christian name.
    For example, if your name is already Dwight Peter Jones, why take the name Seraphim when you’re already named for the Chief Apostle?
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    Then there's this baptism from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

  • Al Eluia wrote: »
    Then there's this baptism from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."


    Seriously, though - coming from a place of complete ignorance - what are the gross (and not so gross) inaccuracies of the baptism in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?
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    Actually, the movie is fairly accurate for the actual anointing and immersion. However, that’s only a couple of minutes out of an hour long service!
    Things that are a little unusual: a) adult candidates usually wear a long white robe with a red cross sewn on front and back; b) it would not be practical to have a godparent of the opposite sex in an adult baptism, as the candidate has to be anointed head to toe with holy oil by the godparent (under the robe); c) the father-in-law announces to Ian the night before that he’s being baptized...extensive catechetical instruction is pretty much mandatory beforehand.
    The chanting and the actions of the priest are very well done.
  • Iereus wrote: »
    The chanting and the actions of the priest are very well done.

    If I remember correctly, the priest is played by an actual Greek Orthodox priest.
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