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  • I have found compline (Common Worship) to be helpful - also the evening prayer from the Northumbrian Community
  • Likewise.
  • Compline in general
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    Compline in general

  • HuiaHuia Shipmate
    I remember saying compline with a friend as we walked down from uni to the railway station. The phrase perils and dangers of this night had never felt so real.
  • My college chapel used to have a Compline service each night at 10pm. I have never felt so close to God in church ever since, nearly 50 years
    . Everything about it makes perfect sense.
  • Compline is my favourite service. The opening lines resonating deeply with my soul.
  • Well, I've posted something in Hell just for you Caissa. I hope that resonates with you too.
  • But I'm glad you like Compline as several other Shipmates appear to. That's a redeeming feature, I suppose.
  • GG: I have nothing to offer but my love and thoughts. I am so sorry.

    Peace be with you.
  • Thanks Climacus.

    And thanks to everyone else too, whatever their contribution has been.

    Just to clarify, if any clarification is needed, as far as I'm concerned this thread is NOT about liturgy or styles of prayer particularly, but about what is appropriate for my wife in the current circumstances.

    Yes, of course that involves times of silent hand-holding. That goes without saying and I'm no longer cross with mr cheesy for stating the obvious. Peace be unto him.

    My wife has always been a meticulous and well-organised person, almost to a fault. She is becoming distressed that she's losing 'control' to some extent. She can't remember what tablets are required when and so we've devised a checklist and nightly ritual to go through that and tick them off. She becomes befuddled and confused when taking certain painkillers so we are learning to regulate the doses accordingly.

    How prayer/spirituality fits in amongst all that is the issue - sometimes of course, it can't.

    In any event, I have found the various suggestions here very helpful, even if I am going to have to put some of them to one side until required.

    That goes for the responses that are clear and helpful as well as those I'v found somewhat cack-handed or wrong-headed. That's nobody's fault. Nobody is to blame for that apart from me. If I post something on a public forum like this then I have to accept the rough with the smooth.

    Peace to you all.

    It's up to the Hosts and Admins to decide when to close a thread of course but for my part I feel it's run its course and I have some good material to take away and work with when the opportunity arises.

    If I have offended anyone in the course of this thread or the Hell thread that developed from it then I apologise.

    Peace Shipmates. The peace of the Lord be with you all - or, as Dave Allen used to say at the end of his comedy programme, 'And may your God go with you.'
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