What Cat For You, Based On Classical Music Tastes?

Golden KeyGolden Key Shipmate
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I happened to surf onto classical music site Classic FM. It's a digital radio station, and turns out to have all sorts of goodies, funny videos, even a lifestyle section!

There's a "What cat breed matches your personality?" quiz. You're asked about your classical music preferences, then are presented with the pic of a cat.

Mine is a Scottish Fold. What will you get?


  • I got Sphynx Cat
  • Maine coon for me. Better get myself a farm...
  • Scottish Fold. But I hear that they have temperament problems. Probably shouldn't have answered so many questions with the Beethoven option.
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Maine coon for me. Better get myself a farm...

    Me, too. But I'm not sure it would be happy in SoCal in the summer. I'll have to do with my old Siamese.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host
    Why would liking Ethel Smyth snag me a Siamese cat?

    Perhaps because Virginia Woolf affectionately referred to Ethel in love as an 'uncastrated cat' squalling away in a hoarse voice...
  • Mine came out Siamese - better not tell Moggy Ginger Tom.
    I think it was the church pic- Evensong-Sibelius combination
  • I got a Maine Coon.

    I'd never even heard of them till this quiz!

    They sound expensive.
  • LydaLyda Shipmate
    Most pure breeds are. Maine coons are very big and furry and are made for snowy weather.
  • Oh dear. I got a Sphynx cat.
    I love cats...except for hairless ones.
    I'd much rather have a soft, friendly black cat.
  • Scottish fold. Would much rather be a Maine Coon. The real gizzie was half Birman.
  • Maine coon here. The problem is in the questions (listen to for the rest of your life!!!) and the bizarre choices offered. As to Maine coons, and not to show them disrespect, we are quite happy with our mixed breed tortoiseshell, thank you.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Gath fach wrote: »
    I got Sphynx Cat
    So did I. He's an odd-looking fellow, isn't he?

    I can't work out how it equates to my love of Vaughan Williams and Choral Evensong though. And what makes them think I'd want to go for coffee with any of those? Why not Orlando Gibbons?* :mrgreen:

    * In fairness, it probably wouldn't be coffee - it'd more likely be ale, mead or mulled wine, which would be fine by me!
  • Sphynx Cat...Which I am not happy about frankly. I want my money back.
  • I like sphinx cats and would love to have one in real life, I'm sure it would get on with my longhaired tuxedo and my tortie
  • Siamese for me. Normally these things have an explanatory paragraph. I wonder why a Siamese?
  • Another Maine Coon. I suspect it is the default, when the answers are so wild as to make rational analysis impossible.
  • I got Scottish Fold which I suspect is another default; I know my answers were very inconsistent - because the questions were so vague.

    (I was in the audience earlier this evening for the the Christmas In Tune broadcast on Radio 3 tonight, which included performances from the Kingdom Choir (the gospel choir from Harry and Meghan's wedding), Quatuor Arod, London Metropolitan Brass, clarinettist Michael Collins with pianist Michael McHale, folk singer Jackie Oates and Aigul Akhmetshina singing a couple of arias from Carmen. With Christmas readings from Dame Diana Rigg. The only group that wasn't consistently great was Quatuor Arod. I also knew at least one other member of Jackie Oates' group from his previous band)
  • I absolutely loathe cats and I think being presented with one would lead to a nervous breakdown. Cats have killed so many beautiful native birds in my garden that I haven't seen native blue wrens for ages. Why don't people confine their cats to their own properties?
  • Galilit wrote: »
    Mine came out Siamese - better not tell Moggy Ginger Tom.
    I think it was the church pic- Evensong-Sibelius combination
    Me too, for the same reasons.

  • BoogieBoogie Shipmate
    Scottish Fold - strange ears! 🤔🤔
  • Sphynx Cat.

    Not my idea of a cat at all. A cat is something furry that can be cuddled - how on earth can you cuddle a hairless thing like that?
  • They look like something out of a horror film but they can be very loving companions. My neighbour had one and it was lovely.
  • Do they have a problem with maintaining their body heat, without fur?
  • Ok, I looked that up. They do, indeed, have body heat problems. Owners sometimes clothe the cats. And their fast metabolisms make it worse.

    "How to Care for Sphynx Cats" (wikiHow).
  • I'd have thought the best way to "care" for sphynx cats would be to lead a campaign to stop them being bred. They are a man-made hybrid and lack most of the vital things a true cat needs - whiskers, for instance. If a case can be made for getting hedgehogs off scottish islands (something I think was long overdue) then surely the same should apply to these freakish animals.
  • I got Scottish Fold. I have a part Bengal grumpy bastard of a cat. I think the cat I have is probably the right one for me :)
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
    Maine coon here.
  • Scottish Fold, but I've never heard of it. In real life my moggie was a stray that turned out to be a Norwegian Forest cat. So maybe more Greig than Vaughan Williams.
  • finelinefineline Kerygmania Host
    I got sphynx cat too. I would actually quite like a sphynx cat. They have an interesting and expressive look, and are easier to draw than furry cats. I use a portrait drawing app, and someone there often posts photos of her sphynx cat, and I love drawing it.
  • Scottish Fold, but I've never heard of it. In real life my moggie was a stray that turned out to be a Norwegian Forest cat. So more Greig than Vaughan Williams.
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