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  • Piglet, do enjoy your time in Scotland. I hope that it's all and yet more than you hope for.

    Boogie, I loved the story and pics of the Oldies. It put me in mind of my plush stuffed 6foot snake, Kaa. I found him when I was cleaning out my mother's house for sale. He now again resides with me. People talk. I ignore.
  • Much sympathy LVER. The joys of motherhood indeed. I remember vividly Child C, who had always been of a pukey persuasion, post one feed in the night, aiming so spectacularly that he was sick down the front of my nightie and into my knickers. I woke MrJt9 up, demanded that he HOLD THIS and change the bed, and stomped off into the shower.

    Thinking of you on your travels, piglet. I hope you get to enjoy some quality bear time soon.
  • Happy travels, Piglet! And sunny weather throughout!

    Boogie, your bears so reminded me of mine! My mother knitted clothes for them, including trousers for a teeny little koala bear! I have a feeling that bare bear bums were not approved of in our house in the 1930's!!!
  • My Old Bear, Bruin, once had a set of pyjamas that matched mine...
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Poor LaVie 🤣. Hope it did Captain Pyjamas good 😉!
  • Sorry to hear this, LaVie. - But tell me, has he learnt to say 'Bof!' yet? But perhaps his action spoke louder than any (French) words?

    Commiserations, LVER, thus, and also to Jemima - whose description of a similar event above was rather graphic indeed, ... although luckily without the essential olfactory and sensory elements, due to the nature of this here medium! :)
  • My apologies for the rather graphic description, and yes thank goodness the internet comes without smellovision!
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
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    An intriguing illuminated sign to drivers on our local dual carriageway: "DON'T RINK AND DRIVE". Clearly good advice, ice skating is slippery at the best of times and the Winter Wonderland opened a week or two ago.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    The piglet has landed! :smiley:

    To be exact, I landed at lunchtime yesterday, but with one thing and another I've been quite busy since.

    My niece, her husband and their wee dog came to my sister's for a takeaway last night, and when I went to bed (sans nap), I was out like a light, and didn't wake properly until about half past nine this morning.

    After a lazy breakfast, we went out shopping for a Christmas tree, and visiting my other niece, who's just moved into a gorgeous new house.

    The weather's a bit rubbish, but I don't really mind.
    Poor La Vie - I hope Captain Pyjamas isn't sickening for something!
  • I have a re-enactment today so I’m sitting here half dressed and sipping coffee before putting the heavy gear on. By half dressed, I’m already wearing more clothes than I usually do, Victorian underwear being rather fulsome. So far it is a long sleeved chemise, homemade bloomers, hand made Victorian corset, long black socks and, my personal favourite, original Edwardian button boots. I also have an antique fine lace cap on my head to wear under my bonnet, as I am somewhat fussy and middle aged.
    Next to go on is a walking cage (day time crinoline), my heavy brown wool-silk dress (with lace collar and ribbon) and several petticoats. A red quilted one under my skirt to keep me warm, a white cotton one over my crinoline and a pale blue-brown tartan for under my dress. I have a rust velvet jacket, a blue and rust tartan wrap and my Sunday bonnet. It is 1869 but I am out of fashion and circa 1860.
    I am the surgeon’s wife and an evangelical social reformer. In my basket I have my crochet, some food for the poor and my bible and prayer book. Oh, and some temperance certificates.
  • @Heavenlyannie with all that on your person, I sincerely hope you are not going to be in a heated environment!
  • Impressive, Heavenlyannie, have fun! :D

    Welcome this side of the pond, Piglet! :)
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Thanks, Wesley!

    I was thinking the same as Cathscats about Heavenlyannie's heating - I hope it's as Victorian as her clothes!

    The weather here doesn't seem to know what it's at today - a few minutes ago it was almost dark and tipping rain, but now the sun's come out and it looks quite nice.

    I'm being a bit naughty and taking a break from church while I'm here (my family aren't churchy-minded); I did look at St. Mary's Cathedral's music list, but on seeing they were doing This is the record of John at Evensong, I reckon I'd be better staying away. It's one of my favourite anthems, in which I've sung the solo many times, and I think it would cause serious eye leakage.

    Instead, I'm hoping to get to see my sister's grandchildren, which will be nice. :heart:
  • I was thinking of you today, @Piglet, when I heard the strains of "This is the record of John" - the words "with solo Piglet" sprang to mind, and prompted me to pray for you. Hope you enjoy your stay in Edinburgh.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Thanks, Thunderbunk!
  • I hope you had a good time with the children, piglet.

    I was outside all day, having chosen to be a wandering villager rather than a guest visiting the manor as I find sitting in a drawing room doing polite chat very stifling. Instead I wandered around talking to visitors about my character, my clothes, the plight of poor women and various other society ills. It’s also fun to answer their questions, including the practical ones of how to I manage to go to the toilet!
    We chose local names from the census and I play a surgeon’s wife who was born, rather unusually, in Madras. I use her character to talk about social reform as a surgeon’s wife would be well placed to be aware of the impact of poverty, alcoholism, exploited labour, etc. I contrast things like my maid being called her real name (which I know from the census) unlike those at the manor who are called Mary as they are not treated as individuals.
  • That sounds like a wonderful day @Heavenlyannie .
    My son is home for the weekend so the Christmas decorations have been put up, much food eaten and a new board game trialed. Also some election leafleting and a walk were fitted in.
    This week is the start of my Christmas fun, with a day out with my best friend on Tuesday and two parties on Friday.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I didn't see any of the kids after all but I understand I might see Archie tomorrow. :heart:

    The Christmas tree is now up and festooned with lights; I wasn't able to prevail on them to use white ones, but it looks quite pretty all the same.
  • Shore leave. Am in Hawkesbury hospital with severe dizziness and laboured breathing. Am about to have cut scan of chest. Had chest X-ray five weeks and all was clear. Sorry piglet. Will keep you informed.
  • Ct scan
  • Wish you better soon, Loth!
  • Hope whatever it is is sorted pronto @Lothlorien .
    @Piglet i lost the white light debate here years ago. This is slightly odd as my husband is the minimalist not me, except when it comes to Christmas trees.
  • what was the board game, @Sarasa ?

    and speedy recovery to @Lothlorien
  • @Lothlorien i hope you’re feeling more comfortable and They can shed some light on it all.
    @piglet lovely to hear you are this side of the pond - enjoy the wee wans.
    @Heavenlyannie all your layers make me very thankful that as a West Gallery villager (late 18thC early 19thC) I only have mid-length sleeved chemise, petticoat, overskirt, shortcoat and shawl. Although in a chilly church I long for a flannel petticoat and thicker shawl. I’m on the lookout for some red flannel for both, but everywhere local (I do have to feel it before buying) seems to have stopped selling it. I need a Tardis for a shopping trip.
  • MaryLouiseMaryLouise Purgatory Host, Epiphanies Host
    Loth, I just saw this and hope you're feeling better.
  • MooMoo Kerygmania Host
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Loth - don't worry about anything except getting better - prayers ascending!

    And absolutely no apologies necessary!
    It's a much nicer day here today - blue skies and even a spot of sunshine. :smiley:
  • daisydaisy wrote: »
    @Heavenlyannie all your layers make me very thankful that as a West Gallery villager (late 18thC early 19thC) I only have mid-length sleeved chemise, petticoat, overskirt, shortcoat and shawl. Although in a chilly church I long for a flannel petticoat and thicker shawl. I’m on the lookout for some red flannel for both, but everywhere local (I do have to feel it before buying) seems to have stopped selling it. I need a Tardis for a shopping trip.
    Haberdashers should be required to stock red flannel especially for female re-enacters’ petticoats. (A friend of mine did some research into Tudor women’s wills and, iirc, 90% of petticoats listed were red flannel.)

    I hope you are better soon, and they can quickly find and treat the cause @Lothlorien
  • DooneDoone Shipmate
    Praying for you, @Lothlorien
  • @Lothlorien - hope the CT scan shows up no problems, and that you soon feel better.
    ION, winter is nearly here in SE Ukland, as the Episcopal Ark has been visited by an uncommon (for this area) migratory bird, to wit, the Greenshank.

    Here he is, and I may say that the legs of the one I saw this morning were very much 'greener' than those of the one in the photo:

    The rather similar Redshank is more often seen hereabouts, and I've heard his distinctive call recently, through the Feezing Frog of last week!
  • The Greenshank Redemption! :)
  • Oh, lucky BF! Its years since I saw a Greenshank! Its blowing a gale and a half here now, but I have to get out to fill the bird feeders. Can't let my horde of assorted Tits down!
  • Indeed not!

    BTW, I saw another Kingfisher the other day - I'm hoping they'll nest nearby again, as they do sometimes (not every year).
  • We are across the river from you BF - near the town with the longest pier. you are right -there are some exceptionally green greenshanks this year!
  • I'm thinking of our friend Piglet (and others in the Land of the North) - you seem to be having a lot of weather today.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Yes we are, thank you.

    I read the Irish Times so I knew it was coming, as storm Atiyah was tracking across Kerry in the last day or so.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I was woken by the Scottish weather very early this morning: it was so loud I thought an extractor fan had been left on somewhere.

    My sister and I went to a garden centre with a cafe for lunch today, and while the lunch was lovely, the driving wasn't. The sat-nav led us right up the garden path (almost literally - we ended up at one point at a complete dead end) and the rain and wind made driving conditions v. nasty.

    Getting lost in Edinburgh was, however, an appropriate way to mark what would have been D's birthday - his normally impeccable sense of direction used to completely desert him every time he went anywhere near Edinburgh. :mrgreen:

    I hope he had a chuckle in Heaven.
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    I don’t how much the French strikers have been in the news on the other side of the Channel. Bloody annoying they are, anyway.

    I have been walking an hour each way to work, which varies from quite pleasant when it’s fine - the first part I can take through l'Allée des Cygnes (an artificial island in the middle of the Seine) and the garden along the river - to Really Not Very Nice™ when it pours with rain, l’Allée des Cygnes floods and I have to take the quai next to all the angry honking polluting car drivers and turn up with soaking wet feet. Also to be contended with are a new-found horde of occasional and rather fearful cyclists who wobble on the pavements among the multitudinous umbrella-toting pedestrians even when there’s a cycle track right next to them. As in, literally alongside the pavement they’re riding down. Admittedly this is also a bus lane, but the chances of getting hit by a bus are pretty limited on account of how a good 50% of them are, y'know, on strike. The upside is that I am going to get nice and fit if this carries on. I’m not particularly bothered by the distance – I go on 20 km hikes so 4.5 km to work isn’t going to kill me. But it’s horrible in the rain, like I said. Our main headache chez rouge is making sure that there is someone to look after Captain Pyjamas – it’s very tricky for the nanny to get to ours.

    I’m also rather anxious about how we’re going to get to foie gras land for Christmas if all the trains are still on strike by then. Worst case scenario is my parents make it to foie gras land but we don’t. My mother speaks a little French, my father none at all, and my in-laws don’t speak a word of English. Could make for an uncomfortable Christmas dinner if we aren’t there… Best hope the railways workers get fed up with it and/or run out of money to stay on strike by then :cold_sweat:
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Or you could pile the suitcases into Captain P's pram and start walking now...
  • Or, should you be late, have a Skype video conversation, and translate each others' words! I'm sure there will be a renewed British-French Entente Cordiale. :)
  • I thought an Entente Cordiale was a sweet alcoholic beverage, drunk under canvas...


    Seriously, though, Wesley J's suggestion is a good one, if you have the Tecko Nolloggie.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Would hiring a car to go to Foie Grasland be an option?
    I'm just back from a nice wee trip into town for lunch with a couple of my old colleagues from Belfast, who are in Edinburgh for a mini-break. Lots of catching up, and a tear or two when talking about D., but a very enjoyable time all the same.

    At least it's a nice day - not very warm, but pleasant enough. I had quite a long walk along Princes Street before I could find a No. 44 bus stop, which should have burned off one or two of the lunch calories!

    I indulged in a tiny bit of retail therapy - something made me go into Monsoon when I was passing, and I bought a long, baggy knitted jacket that will go nicely with jeans. And it had £20 off, which is a Good Thing.
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    Unfortunately neither one of us has a driving licence.

    A last-ditch option would be blablacar, but it’s a seven-hour drive and I don’t think Captain Pyjamas would stand it. I looked at flights and they cost €700. So I think my only realistic hope is that the unions have an attack of their better nature, or run out of money.
  • Out this morning in the drizzle to get the voting out of the way. I combined it with a 45minute brisk-ish walk, so got that out if the way too. Feeling very virtuous.
  • I didn't walk, but I did swim 20 lengths (25m) of our local pool. And voted, And shopped. And have now enjoyed a coffee and croissant.
  • I am feeling even more Virtuous, as I have been to our usual 930am Thursday Mass.

    Also shopping, and (most importantly) voting.

    A kind friend is currently braving the wind and rain, and putting felt on the roof of a neat little log store he has built for me. When he's finished, we shall find some nice hot lunch somewhere!
  • I have Done My Bit. May God have mercy on all our souls ...
  • Indeed.
    I’ve done my bit too, found music in church which I need for Sunday week, and done a bit of Christmas wrapping. Really not enough though.
  • Bishops FingerBishops Finger Shipmate
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    I have purchased a bottle of Irish WHISKEY (distilled in a sensible EU country, you will note).

    I shall drink it (well, some of it) tomorrow, either in Delight, or in Despair.
  • Voted!
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