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  • Just back from the Grantchester barrel race. Husband was competing on the Trumpington team and we then went and consumed a couple of pints of beer with the team post race. Now having a well deserved fry up back home.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Sounds like a good way to spend Boxing Day!

    I'm back from a nice walk with the family, followed by delicious leftovers, mulled wine and Archie cuddles. :heart:
  • We went to a truly magnificent panto, then came home and ate splendid (cold) venison and cranberry pie. My wife has broached the whisky I gave her:
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Welsh whisky??? Is outrage! :mrgreen:
  • Nice whisky too, I bought hubby some a few years ago.
  • Piglet wrote: »
    Welsh whisky??? Is outrage! :mrgreen:

    No. Penderyn and its rather marvellous.
  • They do a great distillery tour, too - and I don't even like whisky! Their Brecon Special Edition gin is wonderful too.

    Mrs. S, licking her lips
  • Their Brecon Special Edition gin is wonderful too.
    There's a bottle in the cupboard ... although Herself prefers "Cardiff Gin" by Eccentric.

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    I confess I don't like whisky - I know I should - but when drinking spirits, my choice is GIN, preferably Deerness GIN.
  • I confess to liking the occasional whisky; I tend to like the peaty ones like Laiphroig. But gin is easier to drink. I got some Whitley Neill blackberry gin for Christmas, which is rather nice but not as good as their Parma violet gin.
    The Japanese Roku gin is the nicest I have tasted. I also like the Kew Gardens gin I bought myself for my birthday.
  • We’re living on leftover Christmas cheese and crackers for lunches and we’ve just made Christmas pudding ice cream in the machine. Now I’m going to spend a quiet hour or so spinning while everyone else plays on their computers.
  • Just back home after managing to see most of the relatives on both sides of the family, including a rather nice lunch at my niece's new house yesterday. It's my husbands birthday, so he is treating himself to a ride round the park on his bike while son and I recover from entertaining our nephew this morning. We've all had enough of food for the time being, so cancelled the meal we were going out for this evening, for salad at home instead. We are booked to take my mother out for afternoon tea tomorrow though.
  • I cooked this evening, we had roasted chicken thighs in a creamy mushroom and white wine sauce, served with butter fried samphire and pomegranate seeds. My youngest teen looked at his plate and said ‘oh, we’re having different food tonight’! (ie, not turkey or cheese and biscuits)
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    We had left-over turkey and cheese-and-biscuits for lunch, which was really rather good.

    We had a visit from the couple who bought my dad's house this evening (they're visiting family in Edinburgh) and they've just left, so as the fridge seemed very unpromising, we're currently awaiting the delivery of a Chinese takeaway.

    I really ought to pour some WINE.
  • I quite fancy a Chinese takeaway, and we have a Chinese restaurant in the village (the Wok and Grill). Alas, I think I need to use up the leftover sausage meat tomorrow so sausage rolls beckon instead.
    I’ve been watching Rick Stein and drinking Parma violet gin.
  • We decided on fish and chips tonight ...
  • We have a left-overs mountain of immense proportions.

    Younger Son and family were due to arrive today and stay until Monday. I had planned. and prepared in advance, a four day feast including two large casseroles that were cooked and frozen to save time in the kitchen while they were here.

    I took these from the freezer on Christmas Day to defrost slowly in the fridge, along with the makings of other dishes. This morning we went to the supermarket and stocked up on fresh veg, salads, fruit and dairy.

    An hour before I was expecting them to arrive YS phoned to say they had not had a good Christmas (at his in-laws' home ) as various members of the household had been ill, that his wife had succumbed yesterday, and the toddler was running a fever this morning. Although they had hoped to be well enough to come, they were clearly not going to make it.

    The dessert I had made for tomorrow can go to Elder Son and family as they are local, but they are vegetarians, so the gammon and cold pork, the chicken and oxtail casseroles will not be acceptable, and as they were giving us and the visitors lunch tomorrow they will have surplus salads etc of their own.

    Oh, and Mr RoS and I are on low fat/sugar/salt, and in my case weight reduction, diets for our health.

  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Can I just remark that nectarines can be improved by being halved and baked with dods of brandy butter.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
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    Crikey, RoS! I don't suppose there are any drop-in centres local to you that could use ready-to-heat-up casseroles, are there?

    eta: that sounds rather good, Firenze!
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    Firenze wrote: »
    Can I just remark that nectarines can be improved by being halved and baked with dods of brandy butter.

    Yes, you may! Sounds excellent. I've never had that. I'm guessing ca. 175C for ca. 30 min. Is that about it? Anything on the side? Vanilla ice cream? What would you drink with that? A sweet-ish sherry?
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    20 minutes at 180 and left in a switched off oven while we finished the mains. Having already downed a Cava and a Tasmanian Riesling, we skipped a dessert wine and went straight to the degestifs (whisky and grappa). But port would have worked.
  • Their Brecon Special Edition gin is wonderful too.
    There's a bottle in the cupboard ... although Herself prefers "Cardiff Gin" by Eccentric.

    Oddly enough, the Cardiff Gin is the only one I have ever disliked enough not to finish the bottle - too much liquorice!

    Stocked up on Aber Falls Orange Marmalade gin yesterday, and I may have converted my brother to that* as well - he and his wife are staying for a couple of days.

    *Better than to North Sea Gas...

    Mrs. S, fetching her coat
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    You're showing your age there, Mrs. S. - I remember when the wise-crack reply to street evangelists asking if you'd been converted was "yes - to North Sea gas".

    After yet another lazy morning (is it just the good Scottish air that's making me so sleepy?), a spot of light retail therapy may be in order, and after that we're going to my brother's for supper, and I'm going to be staying at his for the rest of my holiday.

    My sister is having a new kitchen fitted after the New Year, and is going to have to clear everything* from her cupboards and benches - the last thing she needs is a house-guest (although I really ought to offer assistance)!

    * She's lived in the house for well over 30 years - let the reader understand. :flushed:
  • :flushed:

    Gosh - I wonder what Interesting Objects she might bring to light?

    Last time I cleared out the galley cupboards in the Ark, I discovered some...umm...antique tins, and jars (jam/chutney), and they were by no means 30 years out-of-date!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Gosh - I wonder what Interesting Objects she might bring to light?
    So does she ... :mrgreen:
  • O do let us know what she finds! Local museums might be interested, too...
  • I'm thinking you should keep your line free, Piglet, in case she has some things you could use! :)
  • Firenze, barbaric questions on my part, but... Do you slice across the equator? Do you use a spoon? Once tangerines are no longer available, which other oranges could you use?
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Oranges? It was nectarines in this instance (though I'm seeing a future in smearing various fruit in bb).

    A ripe stone fruit will, if you slice round, top to bottom, and then gently twist the halves, come apart neatly.
  • Good lord, I read "tangerines" for nectarines! And this has been an abstemious season! I have no excuse... Suddenly all my questions are answered. (Where is the blushing emoji?)
  • twixtmas where meal planning becomes “what can we conjure which is vaguely meal shaped from the leftovers”. And “ooh let’s have a slither more cheese”. Harrogate blue was eaten this year and very nice it was too, fairly mild as blues go.

    Biggest Ferijenet had a go round a local Go Ape (high ropes) course today for a friend’s birthday treat whilst I took the littler two on a train and a little bit of a walk. The littlest one (14 months) is now walking by herself but mostly wants to go in the opposite direction to the way we want to go to, with frequent carries and much of a fuss at being put back in her buggy. Her biggest brother wasn’t even walking at this age.

    We’ve only been in the house a year and had some new cupboards added to our kitchen last month so I’m fairly confident in saying we don’t have many horrors in our cupboards. 30 years of dusty excitement might be worthy of an archaeological dig...

  • ferijen wrote: »
    I took the littler two on a train and a little bit of a walk.
    I have been informed by my son that our grandson (2 today - yay!) thinks that London Bridge Station is his most favourite place in the whole world. He passes through it frequently!

  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    I have been informed by my son that our grandson (2 today - yay!) thinks that London Bridge Station is his most favourite place in the whole world.

    Yes. Well. Less taken with it, trailing luggage and a tired and ailing Mr F, in search of the Tube station. He still, a fortnight later, has the London cold.
  • Indeed. Give me Paddington any time!
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    Indeed. Give me Paddington any time!
    Please look after this bear ... :smiley:
    Good lord, I read "tangerines" for nectarines ...
    So did I, first time round. It's definitely the Scottish air ... :blush:
    Had a v. good supper with my brother and s-i-l (baked cod with tomatoes and basil, green beans, asparagus and potatoes, followed by oatcakes and v. good CHEESE, accompanied by a quantity of WINE, since you ask), and am now ensconced in the somewhat palatial master bedroom of their flat.

    Life is rather good at the moment! :smiley:
  • We took mum out for afternoon tea in a local country house hotel as her Christmas treat yesterday. I'd not been there before, I'd based going on the website, but it was ideal. A rather grand house, the sort of food, mainly cake, that mum likes, and attentive staff, not phased by a mother with dementia and my sister-in-law and nephew arriving late as they'd been to visit my brother.
    Today we're trying to get back to normal. I went to church, husband and son went for a long walk and we're now all chilling out in separate bits of the house. Son is making a soup for supper tonight as I think we're all fed up of food for the time being.
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Having discovered Brandy-buttered Nectarines, I rashly promised to bring some to a friend's on Hogmanay. I was hoping there might be a few tubs of bb knocking about the supermarket, but of course they've all been swept away to be replaced by Easter eggs and the like. But, I did find some discounted Christmas puddings.

    So it'll be nectarines with pudding crumble topping and mascarpone.
  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    A friend used to give us Cumberland rum butter for Christmas, and when I asked him for the recipe, IIRC it was six tablespoons each of rum, sugar and butter, whisked together. If you replaced the rum with brandy, would that work?
  • FirenzeFirenze Shipmate, Host Emeritus
    Not to worry - I see I have an adequacy of butter left. So it will be Nectarines With The Christmas Works.

    Meanwhile, we had swordfish (and chips) last night. Done in foil with ginger, soy and spring onion, with a dressing on lime juice and sweet chilli.

    I am struck again by how much better the fish that I get from my fish van man is, than that from the supermarkets. Possibly because it has spent less time in the processing chain being shrink wrapped in plastic and then refrigerated or frozen and driven large distances. It goes boat - quayside - fish merchant - van - me, having been in contact with nothing but ice and paper.
  • la vie en rougela vie en rouge Circus Host, 8th Day Host
    One day of normal food before we start again. I believe omelette is on the menu for this evening.

    The transport seems to be starting back up a little bit although it’s far from back to normal. I suspect some of the strikers are starting to run out of money. Still, stations are not any of our favourite places. When my parents arrived last week I had a car booked to bring them back from the airport but two cars would have been rather beyond my budget so I went on such transport as there was to pick them up. The platforms of the RER B at the Gare du Nord were terrifying. The most frightening bit is seeing how angry the people were getting. I’m deeply grateful I don’t do that every day. OTOH, it was -2° this morning, which makes for a chilly walk.
  • That number of angry people on station platforms sounds horrible. It always takes me half an hour to adjust to standard London Underground rudeness when I visit, the thought of lots of seriously angry people trying to catch trains on a seriously reduced service really doesn’t sound nice.

    Child C loves stations and all things trains too, it must be time for another trip on the dlr soon. We’re pondering going on one of our local(ish) heritage railway steam days on New Years Day.

    Meanwhile, I’m trying to locate the enthusiasm for a medium sized supermarket shop this afternoon. Have to go back to work tomorrow and I really do not want to. Stomps foot.
  • Just back from my local Tesco, which wasn't too crowded at all, though there were a number of seriously hyperactive, and VERY LOUD, kiddies roaring around the aisles...too much sugar over Xmas, I suspect...
  • Baptist TrainfanBaptist Trainfan Shipmate
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    Should've gone to Fortnums ...

    The carpets cushion the roaring.
  • :smiley: Wouldn’t that be lovely?
    Supermarket fairly calm and quiet. We are now equipped for the next few days. After that, nothing but lentils for a very long time, given how much we’ve spent over Christmas.
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    I took my usual fruit and yogurt for breakfast to work, with a banana for lunch. This is quite usual. But at this time of year one's tastes seem to change. I was scouring the place for chocolate by 9.30am.
  • Quite so, but did you find any?
  • There was lots of brandy cream and brandy butter in our local M*****sons, and nectarines with brandy butter does sound so nice ...

  • PigletPiglet All Saints Host, Circus Host
    As I was saying on the Christmas thread, my brother and s-i-l are having a Hogmanay party, and there's enough food in the flat to sustain a small country for about a fortnight ...
  • I often roast middling fruit too, with a bit of butter, and sugar if necessary. We have the advantage of a bottle of peach liqueur in the cupboard, useful in such cases.

    Leftover food is the best food :smile:
  • NenyaNenya Shipmate
    Quite so, but did you find any?

    Sadly not. :disappointed:
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